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Welcome to Our Archives!

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March 8 - Violet Piper - Watercolor Techniques

This won't be a sit and watch demonstration! Violet will bring a piece of paper, with a start of a painting, for each of us. We'll take it from there. She will also bring some watercolors and brushes, but if you have suitable ones, bring your own so that hers will go around to all of those who come without. It should be a fun day. Bring friends (first visit is free), and don't forget to bring a work for Show and Tell.


The meeting will be at 1:30 at the Central Presbyterian Church, 9191 Woodway Drive.  

March 8 - Violet Piper - Watercolor Painting Workshop

Violet brought materials so that everyone could try to create their own watercolor. She provided watercolor paper, paints, and brushes, along with plastic cups for water and plastic plates for palettes. She had already sketched a waterline and a hill line on the papers, similar to those on an original watercolor of hers of a sunset scene of a lake. Violet is shown at the upper right holding her painting. We were asked to try to reproduce the scene. We all did. A few were able to get a close resemblance to the original; most of us strayed noticeably. But everyone enjoyed the experience, and the variations on the theme made an interesting array, which we could claim as our personal takes on the subject. Myrl Luper is shown with her painting at the upper left, Cathy Niekamp at the lower right, and Tim Lowe at the lower right. We had several guests and a couple who joined the guild today.

We thank Violet for a valuable experience in what was, for many of us, a new medium. Thanks also to those who brought refreshments and for all those who brought works for Show and Tell, some of which are shown below.


 Nancy Cagle           Tim Lowe       Christine Niekamp    Jammie Smith        Kit Travis

March 11 - Deadline for Art on Elm Avenue Exhibit

Entry is by email, limited to three entries, no entry fee nor commission.

Set up is Friday, April 10, 9-5. Preview Party is at 7 pm.

Exhibit is Saturday, April 11, 10-3. Artist must be present throughout. Take down is 3-5 pm.

Details and entry form are at

March 15 - Deadline for Bosque Wildflower Art Show & Sale

Only Texas wildflower paintings, not to exceed 24" by 30" including mat. Must be originals, need not be for sale.

No entry fee, but 25% commission on sales.

Best of Show $300, Popular Choice Award $100, Best depiction of Bosque Co. $100.

Entry appears to be in person, delivered to 301 S. Ave Q, Clifton on March 15. Entrants acceptance /rejection letters mailed March 17.

Exhibit is March 21-May 16. Pick up May 16-23.

Call 254-675-3845 during business hours with questions. You can get a copy of the application from Bill Franklin.

March 16 - Pick up Art at Carlen Bright Arboretum

Please pick up your art 8:30-noon on Monday, March 16, or get someone to do it for you.

March 16 - Deadline to reserve space in the MCC exhibit (see below)

Please respond by email ( or phone (254-230-3539) no later than March 13 to reserve space in the exhibit. Let us know how many pieces you have available that have not been shown at MCC before, up to a maximum of 6. You can use those hanging at the Arboretum if you have not already shown them at MCC. If you have a problem making trips to Waco, we can collect those at the Arboretum and deliver them to MCC for you. But we don't want to have to move the entire show; If you can make it, please do so.

March 23-May 4 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

Please help us make a good showing by contributing works. Due to the low turnout for the last MCC exhibit, we are now asking that you let us know in advance how many paintings you have available and are willing to enter. Remember that you may not enter a work that has previously shown at this location. If it turns out that our usual limit of three per member will not be enough for a good show, we may ask that those who can to enter a larger number. Please notify President Judy Franklin by email ( or phone (254-230-3539). Please do this no later than a week ahead of the hanging, in this case, that would be Monday, March 16. Note that the dates of the Arboretum and MCC exhibits are such that the same works may be entered in both, if the work has not been previously shown in either.


Entries should be brought to the Ball Performing Arts Center at MCC on Monday, March 23, between 2:30 and 3:30. If you can't get there, please ask someone to bring yours.


March 23 - May 6 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

We had a great turnout for the MCC exhibit: a total of 30 paintings from 10 members, several of whom are new. They are show below as they appear from left to right in the foyer of the Ball Performing Arts Building. Come by and look at them up close. The best viewing time is in the evening when there is no glare from the windows. You can attend any of the evening performances. All are at 7:30, except for Sunday Matinees, and all except the drama are FREE!

April 14 Rock Ensemble Concert

April 21 Country Ensemble Concert

April 22 - 25 “Proof” (drama)

April 26 Friday Band Ensemble Concert

April 28 Vocal Techniques Concert

May 4 Waco Jazz Orchestra Concert

May 5 Waco Community Band Concert

Sandra Scott

Tim Lowe

Ellen Foster

Christine Niekamp

Christine Niekamp

Bill Franklin

Mary Brehens

Judy Franklin

Jammie Smith

Kit Travis

Pat Blackwell




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