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Welcome to Our Archives!

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May 6 - Pick up art at MCC


May 17 - Rachel Marek - Sculpture & Jewelry

Rachel and Jeff Marek team up to make sculptures and jewelry in Fort Worth. Rachel describes herself as an artist by education and nature, constantly creating innovative and elegant things. Jeff she describes as an engineer gone rogue, with an eye for beauty and structural reality. Together, they produce many unique items in their open air studio - a steel table they welded in their back yard. They are shown here with one of their creations. A couple of others are included. More will be shown at the meeting. We meet at the Central Presbyterian Church, 9191 Woodway Drive, at 1:30 for conversation and refreshments. The meeting will begin at 2, and the presentations soon thereafter. Bring friends (first visit is free) and bring some of your art for Show and Tell.


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