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Welcome to the Art Guild's Archives!

2005 February 6 - Video by Jerry Yarnell

Rather than our usual live presenter, we attempted to paint along with Jerry Yarnell doing a landscape.  One reason for doing this was that Mr. Yarnell was to conduct a two-day workshop in Waco in late February.  We thought this would give our members a chance to see how he works, so that they would know whether they wanted to take his workshop.


We set up two TV sets so that lots of people could see well, and we paused at times to allow the slower people to catch up.  Some people ended with pretty nice paintings.  Others of us were less successful, but we all learned something.

Show & Tell


  Nancy Cagle              Ellen Foster              Judy Franklin               Larry Garza

2005 February - Hippodrome Exhibit

Art Guild artists are exhibiting their work at Waco's Hippodrome Theatre Annex, 724 Austin Ave., during February.  The paintings, sculptures, and other works are visible 24 hours a day through the glass storefront.  Look for them when you attend a Hippodrome event or anytime you are in the downtown area.  The works selected as prize winners are below.  A sampling of the others artists appears below that.  Altogether, there are 26 works by 15 artists.  We will be removing the February exhibit and installing the March exhibit at 1:30 p.m. on February 25.


         John Vasek                      Larry Garza                  Frank Letzler

Grand: Carved Mallard      1st: Eagle in Flight         2nd: Snowy River


 Pat Blackwell             Ellen Foster                Bill Franklin              Judy Franklin


Karen Groman           Charleen Isbell              Patsy Klien               Jean Larkie


Martha McKinney     Gloria Meadows         Linda Morales              Sue Young

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