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Welcome to the Art Guild's Archives!

May 2005


May 21-22 - The Art Guild Yard Sale a Success

The Yard sale was extended to Sunday, and brought in over $600 for the organization.  It was held at Ellen Foster's home.  Despite the record temperatures, members had a good time and business was brisk.  People who helped or donated items (or got their friends to donate them) include Jean Blackwell, Charles and Nancy Cagle, Bill and Ellen Foster, Bill and Judy Franklin, Charleen Isbell, Dorothy Johnston, Jean and Rose Larkie, Frank Letzler, Gabriel Luna, Myrl Luper's, Martha McKinney, F. D. and Gloria Meadows, Gil and Linda Morales, Bettye Schwartz, and Sue Vest.  Many thanks to all of these and anyone we may have accidentally left out.  Some items that didn't sell will be carried over to a future yard sale.

You are invited to attend the


Salado Fine Art Gallery Trail

May 14th, 5 - 9 pm


Complimentary horse drawn carriage rides from gallery to gallery. Register for door prizes and a weekend get away in Historic Salado, Texas.  This is a  event is a wonderful opportunity for art collectors to purchase high quality originals or prints.


Participating Galleries

Griffith Fine Art Gallery, B. Herd Gallery, Thomas Kinkade Stagecoach Gallery, Miller Fine Art Gallery, Prellop Fine Art Gallery, Salado Galleries, Southern Image, Wells Gallery.


Wine and Cheese provided by the Public Arts League of Salado.  Many guest artists will be in attendance.



May 6 - Hippodrome Exhibit

Be sure to see our exhibit at the Hippodrome, 724 Austin Ave., during May.  You can click on the window shots here to get a somewhat larger view of the paintings, but you can see some of them better on our Exhibitions page, where there is a sampling of the entries.  Better still, you can see them all up close in the storefront windows at any hour at the Hippodrome.

May 1 - Don Magid

Don Magid led us through a portrait painting to illustrate his "Minds Alive" approach to exploratory learning. He begins by establishing a framework on which to build the upper structure, proceeding from the general layout and large shapes to progressively smaller details within that overall structure. The under painting is a foundation on which he builds upper layers until the painting is finished, that is, until he no longer wants to add or subtract anything.  At the right, the mirror above Don shows him measuring for his initial layout.

The real trick is recognizing and reproducing the shapes in a scene. He finds this easier to do by turning a photograph or some other original and his canvas upside down. Right side up, you recognize the shapes as things, but upside down, you can more easily see them as shapes. He actually measures distances on the original and transfers them to the canvas, scaling the size up or down if necessary.

Once the parts of the subject are located properly, he shades in the darker areas to produce a value drawing. The drawing he does with charcoal, using a finger to smear it from time to time. He doesn't worry about having every detail at this stage. The exploratory process he uses will gradually adjust the shapes, values, colors, and textures to guide the viewer to see what the artist wants to portray.

After showing us how he produces a charcoal drawing, Don brought out a completed drawing that he said he had worked on for three hours the night before. He had painted the entire canvas with an acrylic wash (lavender in this case), then he had made the charcoal drawing, and finally he had used a spray to fix the charcoal in place.


The next step was to add color using acrylic paints mixed with a glaze medium to keep them transparent so that the value drawing would show through. The effect was similar to the tinted photographs that old-timers may remember. Because the acrylic dries rapidly, he was able to build up several layers to adjust the hue and brightness.   We then took a short break for refreshments and for a chance for members to tell us about the painting they brought for "show and tell."   This gave the acrylics time to dry well before Don began the final stage of painting with oils.


His palette started with just red, blue, yellow, and white.  Because the subject was mostly a face, he mixed a flesh color, first mixing red and yellow to get an orange, then adding some blue to gray it down.


To save mixing time later, he made blobs of a series of shades of this color from rather saturated to quite pastel by mixing in progressively more white. He also added additional blue to some of original mix to get a cooler and darker color for shadow areas.


Since the oils are pretty opaque, he began by covering the entire face and hair area with a glaze he makes from equal portions of varnish, linseed oil and turpentine. This provides enough transparency to keep the previous work from being obscured as he gradually explores the colors and values he wants in the final painting. He added touches of paint in dark and light areas, then blended them with a brush or a finger.


While he didn't have time to complete the painting, he did bring it to a pretty convincing resemblance of the subject of the photograph. Those in attendance learned a lot about painting and seeing. Thanks for a great afternoon, Don.


Show & Tell

Those who brought paintings are show below with their works.



   Violet Piper        Nancy Cagle         Larry Garza        Judy Franklin         Bill Franklin

May 1 - Don Magid (Waco, TX)

Don Magid, artist and educator, was raised and educated in Waco, Texas. After graduating from Waco High School in 1954 he attended the University of Colorado and Baylor University before receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1959. He has taught art classes at Baylor University, McLennan Community College and many centers throughout the Central Texas area. In January 1962, he opened the Studio-Gallery art complex and operated this business until May 1978. It was during this time that Don became interested in exploring understanding the creative process itself. He studied how this creative process could be incorporated into the average person's life to enrich their living and working experiences. In 1970, Don came into contact with the works of Marshall McLuhan and discovered that necessary information to complete the missing pieces of his exploration. The Minds Alive Powerbook and related programs are the results of this pursuit. He has incorporated much of this new information into his teachings and programs.   Mr. Magid will demonstrate how to use this teaching in creating art.


Exhibit News

The Art Guild has 56 paintings currently on exhibit at the Providence Out-Patient Rehab center in addition to the Central Texas Dental Care office in Hewitt.  In the hospital's next newsletter, they will announce the Art Guild's desire to exhibit in other departments.  This exhibit will hopefully grow to cover additional centers throughout the Hospital.  If you are interested in exhibiting at Providence Hospital, there will be a sign-up sheet at the Art Guild's next meeting.  Dues must be current to participate.

Art Guild will be exhibiting our members art at the Carleen Bright Arboretum, 9001 Bosque in Woodway, for June 27, 2005 through August 6, 2005.  Get your paints ready, this theme will be "Sights around Waco."  More information at a later date.  Dues must be current to participate.


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