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Welcome to the Art Guild's Archives!

August 7 - Ed Knipper, Calligraphy Demonstration

There are many different styles of calligraphy.  It is a broad medium allowing you to get different effects using different types of paper, styles, inks, brushes, colors and additional mediums.  You can even use bleach to fade out black paper to give your writing a unique look.  Your choices are endless.


Mr. Knipper uses his calligraphy skills to make his own cards.  He embellishes his work adding watercolors, stickers and glitter.  He also includes graphics with his lettering.


Ed preceded to show us a couple of different lettering techniques.  The secret to calligraphy is how to hold your pen.  You can't hold it too upright and you can't hold it too flat.  Your pen must be held at an angle to get the full effect.  The more you slant your lettering the more you need to flatten your pen.  Use mono-line or chiseled pens.  Ed suggested that we use  an Elegant Writer with a fine or medium point.  Your tools can really make the difference.


Most people have the misconception that Calligraphy is just italic lettering.  This is not so.  The letters are actually drawn out not just written.  The key is to learn the correct way to write your letters.  Be consistent on your slant and your spacing.  Not only the spacing between your letters, but the spacing of your letters.  The alphabet is characterized by the shape of the "O."  We learned that the "ascender" is a term used to describe the part of the lettering is the above mid-line and the "descender" is below and the basic height of the lettering is five (5) pen widths.


All this is not as easy as you think.  There is a real style to calligraphy and as Mr. Knipper reminded us....all you have to do is practice...practice...practice.





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