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Welcome to the Art Guild's Archives!

December 3 - Christmas Party and Installation of Officers

The Christmas Party will be at Olive Garden (Richland Mall) at 11:30 on Saturday, Dec 3.  Order from the menu.  You are welcome to all the food you buy yourself.  (A little play on The Music Man's song about an Iowa picnic.)  A new (lower!) dues structure proposed by the board will be voted on while we wait for our food to arrive.

December 3 - Year End Party, Awards, and Adoption of New Dues

The party was held at the Olive Garden (Richland Mall) at 11:30 on Saturday, Dec 3.  While we waited for our food to arrive, President Bill Franklin introduced the new officers and scholarship winners, and presented a proposed change in our dues.  Also, our previous president, Linda Morales, was thanked for her extraordinary service and presented a table easel.  She also received a canvas and a photograph of her and Gil from Ellen Foster.


Our scholarship winners were (left to right) Ebony Miles, a graphic design student at TSTC, Tara Ebeling, a sculpture student at Baylor, and Courtney Woodliff, an art student at MCC.  A book cover design by Ebony is at the upper right, a sculpture of her Shakespeare prof by Tara is at the lower left, and a collage with paint by Courtney is at the lower right.  As always, thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Tara's sculpture could use a few words of explanation.  The fingers are depicted as magnifying glasses and tweezers to suggest the meticulous care with which she picks apart the text.  More obviously, her head is full of literature.  This sculpture is currently on display in the Hooper-Schafer Fine Arts building at Baylor.  If you get by that way, stop in for a look.  The craftsmanship is as impressive as the concept.



New Dues Structure Is Adopted


Lower dues were voted in at the luncheon on December 3.

1. To make it easy for new members joining during the year to pay partial year's dues, the former levels of $12.50, $25, and $50 were reduced to $12, $24, and $48 ($1, $2 and $4 per month).

2. To encourage people to pay dues promptly, these rates were rounded down to $10, $20 and $40 for those joining by December 31. [But the board voted to extend this to our January meeting for 2006, (January 8), since the new dues were adopted so late in the year.]

3. Finally, a $5 discount was offered to members willing to receive communications by email, rather than U. S. Mail, approximately the savings to the association for printing and postage for a year.

4. Remember that there is a $10 interim dues for the October-December period. If you have not paid that, please include it along with your 2006 dues.

5. Patron dues are basically a donation, although all the privileges of web gallery members are included, as well as a 10% discount when buying members' art. This will remain at $100.

6. The discounts in (2) and (3) above will apply only to those joining by December 31 [extended to January 8, 2006].  Returning members paying after that date will pay the full dues. This is summarized in the table below.

               after Jan 8      by Jan 8      by Jan 8 with email      Add $10 if interim dues

                                                                                                   have not yet been paid.
Student           $12            $10                       $5
Regular           $24            $20                       $15
Web gallery    $48            $40                       $35
Patron             $100          $100                    $100

If you not already paid, you may pay at the January 8 meeting or send a check made out to AGCT to our P.O. Box. Address it to:

Rose Larkie, treasurer
P.O. Box 23994
Waco, TX 76702


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