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Welcome to the Art Guild's Archives!

January 8 - Sherry Lynn Watson - Pen and Ink ... and More

Ms. Watson, who also goes by "Sherlock," presumably because she got tired of being a sidekick, should provide an entertaining afternoon.  An excellent pen and ink (or "pun and ink") artist, she also does "freehand" crochet and likes to make recycling a part of her art.  (See her "Recyclosaur" at below left.)  It is somewhat revealing that her email end tag includes this quote from Dr. Who: "Anybody remotely interesting is mad, in some way or another." Her primary outlet is illustrating sci-fi magazines, but she bills herself as "Sherlock, award-winning artist available for commissions!" Should be fun, and we might even learn something about drawing!

We will be back at the Waco Charter School, 615 N. 25th Street.  Refreshments and conversation at 1:30, program at 2.

January 8 - Sherry Lynn Watson - Illustration, Portraiture and More

Ms. Watson, who signs her works "Sherlock," spread out an amazing array of her works.  Collage, crochet and acrylics were mixed in among her mainstay pencil, pen and watercolors.  Only a few of them are shown here.  Included were a number of publications containing her illustrations.  One was a book of clip art she produced for librarians and teachers, each of which came with a chuckle.  She also had several albums of humorous illustrations she has done for various conventions.  She referred to herself as a humorist who draws, rather than an artist.  In fact, she is a quite talented artist with a delightful sense of humor. 


Ms. Watson offered to respond to questions about any of her works.  There were some questions about her treatment of "found' and improved materials, but most wanted to see her draw.  Since she displayed a number of fantasy subjects, one request was for a dragon artist.  She whipped that out in a matter of a few minutes. She is drawing it at the left; the end result is at the right. 



Since some very good portraits were also in evidence, another request was for a portrait.  Nancy Cagle, who has known "Sherlock" for years, volunteered to be the model.  That took a little longer, but resulted in a good likeness, even though the model did more talking than holding still.  The portrait is underway at the left.  The artist is holding her drawing at the right.


Midway, we took a break for members' show and tell.  A good many people brought works and told us about them.  A work from each of them is displayed below.  Remember that any of the thumbnails on the site can be enlarged by clicking on it.


Show and Tell


   Nancy Cagle              Bill Franklin               Judy Franklin               Larry Garza


Charleen Isbell             Rose Larkie          Christine Niekamp        Bobbee Watts




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