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Welcome to Our Archives!


September 9 - Paint-in and Critique

Rather than our usual presenter, we will have a day to do our art and/or have some of it critiqued.  Bring something to work on and/or bring some works that you like input on.  Maybe you will get some good suggestions for the one that didn't quite work, but you're not sure why.  Or just wow us with the good things you are doing.  We'll meet at our usual time and place, 1:30 p.m. at the Waco Charter School, 615 N. 25th Street.  And bring friends.  Remember that first time visitors are free, and new members can join for $2/month for the rest of the year.  At this point, that's $6 for a regular membership.

September 9 - Paint-in and Critique

Thanks to those who brought art, we had quite a few Show and Tells.  The artists provided comments about their art, and many of them solicited and received suggestions for improvement.  Not all of them were photographed, but a sampling appears below.


Bill Franklin brought a portrait of Judy based on a B&W photo of her at age 18.  One suggestion was to lighten the lips in order to shift attention to the eyes.  He also brought a painting of asters.  There were suggestions to make the background flowers lighter and use a slightly red glaze to darken the foliage.  Bill promised to try these and bring the paintings back next month.


Hilde Giles, a talented artist who joined us on her first visit, brought a print of a favorite painting, a self portrait, and a pair of pastel portraits, representing quite a range of styles.  Bettye Swartz and Gloria Meadows brought a landscapes, and Linda Morales brought a reworked painting of a boy at the beach.


Judy Franklin brought a painting of a small town store, one of a papaya, and one of a nativity scene in Mexico.  We also saw a photo of her Gypsy dancer painting that sold from our web site as a book cover.  Rocky Kelly brought a fantasy painting of dragons vying over a mirror, and Charleen Isbell brought a painting of a girl fishing at Lake Waco,


Dorothy DeVries brought a painting of a black swan and its babies, and Christine Niekamp brought one of a deer in the woods that she had framed at Studio Galleries.


Meanwhile, a few people, including Rocky Kelly and Linda Morales, brought pieces to work on, and actually got a little work done.  And most of us took advantage of the good food supplied by Linda Morales, Bettye Swartz, Charleen Isbell, and Judy Franklin.


We also decided to share a booth at the Apple Tree Bazaar with Rose Jacobson, and discussed lowering the added fee for a web gallery due to reduced costs.


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