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Welcome to Our Archives!


October 7 - Jody King - Egg Tempera

Jody King, who teaches art at MCC and critiqued our exhibit there last spring, will demonstrate her ancient, but still used, medium for us this month.  She finds that egg tempera has advantages over more modern media, although there are precautions that need to be observed.  See her in action at 2 p.m. at the Waco Charter School, 615 N. 25th Street. Refreshments and conversation precede at 1:30 p.m.  Bring art for show and tell, and bring visitors.   Remember that first time visitors are free, and new members can join for $2/month for the rest of the year.  At this point, that's $4 for a regular membership.


October 7 - Jody King - Tempera

Jody King demonstrated the historic art of painting with egg tempera. Having worked with colored pencil for many years, she discovered that she loved the luminous color that can be obtained with egg tempera. She was particularly inspired by the works of Robert Vickery.

She said that for the medium, regular grocery store egg yolks are what she uses, but goose eggs and free range chicken eggs produce a richer, deeper color. She mixes the yolk with a very small amount of water. Then she dips a soft paintbrush in the medium and then into some dry pigment. She paints this in layers on clayboard, masonite painted with gesso, or, more recently, tin from ceiling tiles. She can create texture by spattering water over the paint with a toothbrush or sandpapering the surface between layers of paint. She invited everyone to try painting on her clayboard with her medium and her brilliant pigments.


She displayed pendants and pins painted on tin and mounted on glass. She donated a pin for a door prize, which was won by Ellen Foster.  Thanks to Jody for an interesting presentation, to Charleen Isbell, Judy Franklin and Pat Blackwell for refreshments, and to Myrl Luper, and Judy and Bill Franklin for bringing art for show and tell.


October 8 - Senior Day at HOT Fairgrounds

Seniors (those 55 or older) may enter in any of the exhibition categories free of charge on Monday, October 8, between 8 and 9 a.m.  Judging begins at 9 and winners will be announced at 6 p.m. The art will be on exhibit throughout the rest of the fair. 


Entry is free 8 am to noon. Use gate 5.

Parking is $5, so carpooling would be a good idea. How about calling Bill or Judy Franklin (741-0960) if you are interested. We could meet somewhere nearby, like the Harrison Center lot, and combine cars. If you get there before 8, you might even be able to park free at the fair.

Unlike the regular art exhibit, seniors do NOT need to stick to the western theme. There is no limit on the number of entries, but to keep from overwhelming them, it might be best to take only a few.

You may enter in any of the categories, not just painting. That includes photography, wood carving, embroidery, quilting, etc, plus foods and whatever other categories there are. There will be only one first and one second prize for the entire arts and crafts section. Paintings are in competition with afghans, bird houses and such, but not with food and whatever the other major division was. This means that winning a prize is unlikely, but it is another chance to display your work.

October 8 - HOT Fair Senior Art Exhibit

The turnout on Senior Day was disappointing.  Only Bill Franklin brought paintings.  In addition, Linda Green brought embroidery and both Linda and Bill brought photographs.  And that was the entire Senior Art Exhibit!  Part of the problem was probably the poor job done to get the information out.  The Trib article just referred you to the web site, which wasn't much help.  And the information obtained by phone proved to be inaccurate.  The entry time given over the phone (8-9) was changed to 9-10.  Also, they said there would be only one 1st and one 2nd place for all of the arts and crafts, but they gave 1st and 2nd in every sub-category.  Because of that, Linda and Bill got lots of ribbons!


The regular adult art exhibit was also pretty slim, possibly due to the restriction to western subject matter.  The grand and reserve grand champion (doesn't that sound so stock show?) paintings were nice, but no better than that of many of our members.  Next year, we'll have to get on top of the entry information and make better use of this venue. 


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