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Welcome to the Art Guild's Archives!


June 1 - Critique and Pot Luck

The June meeting will be Sunday, June 1, at Nancy Cagle's home, 4017 Meadow Brook Road at 12:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as you can make it.  If you haven't been there, Meadow Brook is hiding near New Road.  It intersects Huaco, which is one street northwest (north in Waco-speak) of the flashing yellow light for Crestview Elementary.  Coming from that light, you turn right on Huaco and right again at the next intersection onto Meadow Brook.  Nancy is a few houses down on your left.


Bring one or more art works that you would like advice on, and a dish to share.  We'll make it lunch followed by a critique session.  Maybe that painting that never quite seemed right can be fixed.  If not, at least there will be good things to eat!  This might also be a good time for you to bring art works that you would like to have photographed for your web gallery.  Other changes can be made in the galleries also, such as the sequence in which items appear or price updates.

June 1 - Critique and Pot Luck at Nancy Cagle's Home

We shared pot luck dishes and conversation around the table, then moved to the living room to critique the paintings that people brought.  Nancy Cagle asked for suggestions to improve the clouds in the one she is shown holding at the left.  Judy Franklin brought a mother and child painting (shown at the right) that drew one suggestion: that the hair could be reduced a bit on the upper right.


Bill Franklin brought the one shown at the left.  He said that the bright sky, contrasting strongly with the cliffs, drew your eye to what was essentially an empty space.  A few suggestions were made, but none that solved the problem.  Charleen Isbell, who has been busy painting, brought eight new paintings, most of which we looked at and commented on, including the one at the right.  Frank Letzler provided her detailed analyses of a couple.


We were delighted to have a new artist bring two of his paintings.  Anthony Neal is shown at the left with a large, unmounted fantasy painting which he painted in oils on a canvas thumb-tacked to his bedroom wall. He has also painted several about 24 x 30, some of which are portraits of residents at Regent Care Center, where he works.  Anthony has had no formal training, but clearly has talent.  Nancy offered to connect him with others doing, displaying, and selling fantasy paintings.


Including Anthony, there were only ten of us in attendance.  The rest of you missed a good time and good food.  And we missed your company and your art.  We hope to have more of you back next time.  Lets resolve to make summer a time to spend painting indoors out of the heat.



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