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Welcome to the Art Guild's Archives!


September 7 - Joint Meeting of Art Guild and Art Center

     Featuring Don Magid and the Ultimate Learning Tool

As many of you know, Don has long encouraged artists and others to engage in exploratory learning, or to employ "the play factor." He makes a strong case for the effectiveness of learning by interacting with the available media and accepting the results that achieve your intent. Success depends in large part upon seeing the structures that underlie the image you want to present (in an artistic context) or the milieu of any situation.


We will meet in the main gallery (ground level) at Art Center Waco. The address is 1300 College Drive, although it doesn't actually front that street. To get there, take Lake Shore Drive and turn onto College Drive. Then take the 2nd left onto Highland Drive. As you go up the hill, the first left is the driveway into the Art Center parking lot. (Turning to the right would take you to the Ball Performing Arts Center, if that helps to orient you.) If you get lost, call  752-4371 for help.  Present plans are to have the program from 2 to 4, with refreshments at 1:30 as usual, but that could change.


September 25 - Deadline for HOT Art and Photography

Adult (19 years+) Western Heritage theme entries must be made online at If clicking the preceding link doesn't get you there, go to and wade through the menus. You do not need to submit photos of your works, but you do need to register and pay $3 per entry. Entries must be taken to the exhibit building on Saturday, September 27, between 9 am and 2 pm. (Pick will be Sunday, October 12 2 4 p.m.) Complete rules are on the HOT web site, but for your convenience, they have been copied to the HOT Fair Art & Photography Rules page here. (Just click on the preceding blue writing.)


There will be no senior art or photography exhibit this year. It's the above or nothing.

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