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Welcome to our archives!

May 3 - Meeting - Helpful Hints from Nancy Cagle Plus Starting Work on the Charter School Mural 

Do you now how to correct/enlarge proportionally?
Ever spray painted a background?
Do you know what "poor man's carbon paper" is?
Do you realize how important a Xerox can be in art?

Just a few of the questions Nancy will answer at our May meeting.
Besides that, we will do what we can to get started on the Waco history mural. Members are asked to bring drawings and/or photos of Waco history scenes so that we can get the overall scheme worked out. Then we can organize the actual painting.


We meet at the usual time and place, Waco Charter School, 615 N 25th Street, 1:30 for refreshments and conversation, 2 for the meeting. First time visitors free, or they join for the rest of the year for only $14. Also, bring something for the monthly contest.

May 3 - Nancy Cagle - Tips, Mural Discussion

Nancy Cagle presented some ideas and techniques for drawing and painting, many of which were applicable to the mural which we will paint on the wall of Waco Charter School, such as enlarging by copier. She brought many examples of her own work. She also showed some tools which make the artist's job easier. Among them were triangles, architects' rulers, a compass cutter, a lead curve, and accurate color wheels. She said that computer art is fun and very effective for professional results.


We then met with Robert Glinski, Principal of Waco Charter School, who shared his vision for the mural. It will feature several historical landmarks of Waco. The subjects he mentioned were Huaco Indians, a cattle drive, a kid-sized Dr. Pepper bottle, the Dr. Pepper museum, the Cooper House, the Alico building, the courthouse, the zoo with animals, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, the mammoth site, and Baylor University. Don Magid presented several drawings for consideration. We will begin the mural at the end of the month.


Thanks to Nancy for her tips, those who brought ideas for the mural, those who brought paintings for the contest and told us about them (shown below), and to Violet Piper, Linda Green, Hilde Giles, Bobbee Watts, and Gloria Meadows, who brought refreshments. Contest winners were  Hilde Giles, 1st; Gloria Meadows, 2nd and David Leifeste, 3rd.



   Bill Franklin          Judy Franklin          Hilde Giles         Charleen Isbell     David Leifeste



            Gloria Meadows       Violet Piper      John Twardowski    Bobbee Watts


May 14 - June 8 - Exhibit at the Carleen Bright Arboretum

We will hang the Arboretum exhibit on Thursday, May 14. Please bring up to three paintings to the arboretum between 9 and 10 a.m. There is no theme or size limit, but paintings must not have been exhibited at the arboretum previously. If you cannot bring them at that time, please get someone to bring them for you, or bring them to the meeting on May 3. Please pick your art up on June 8 between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. Again, either pick up your works or arrange for someone to get them for you.


The artists' reception will be Monday, May 18, 7 p.m. Sunday was unavailable.

May 17 - Artists Reception at the Carleen Bright Arboretum

The turnout was small, but the exhibit was wonderful. And even though few saw it at the reception, many will see it during the many functions held at the arboretum during this busy wedding season. If you missed it, drop by and take it in before it comes down on June 8. Best to call first, since the hall is so heavily scheduled (399-9204). Of course you will miss the conversations and refreshments. A few of the attendees are shown at the right and left. Below is the whole exhibit, starting at the right of the entrance and moving around to the right.


        Charleen Isbell                                            Hilda Giles                                                                                            Violet Piper


           Kay Lamb Shannon                                                          John Twardowski


             Bill Franklin                                                            Gloria Meadows


        Christine Niekamp                     Gloria Meadows


            Don Magid                                                                        Kay Lamb Shannon


          Bill Franklin                                         Nancy Cagle


                                                                          Martha McKinney


         LaTrell Carroll                                     Linda Green                      Don Magid


        Violet Piper                                           Hilda Giles


             Charleen Isbell                                                                   Judy Franklin


            Judy Franklin                                                                   LaTrell Carroll





                                                  David Leifeste


May 30-31 - Mural Slated to begin at Waco Charter School





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