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Now through December - Sundays 2-4 p.m. - Giles Show

Members of the Art Guild are cordially invited to view the works at member Hilda Giles' gallery, located at 207 Coventry Drive, Hewitt, TX 76643 (Located near the intersections of Hewitt Drive & Spring valley.)


The gallery currently has in excess of one-hundred oils available for viewing in the working gallery, only a few of which have been exhibited in Art Guild shows. Some of her work can be seen at For more information call 254-214-5041 or 254-235-0706.

November 1 - Jeri Salter - Pastels

Jeri Salter is another master of the pastel medium. She has been living in the Austin area since 1995.  Although primarily a self-taught artist, she has taken classes and has worked with others who have influenced her art.  


 In 2002 she discovered pastels, and has now set aside oils to concentrate exclusively on pastels.  Regardless of the medium, the world of nature continues to be her strongest inspiration.  The "vast open spaces and big skies of west Texas and the mystical mountain ranges of New Mexico" have especially drawn her attention. 

She tells us that "Capturing the vanishing landscapes of areas near my home in central Texas that are being destroyed due to urbanization is also an
important theme for me.  It is always exhilarating to experience the grand landscapes of the west but I am also drawn to the scenes that surround us in our everyday life.  Through my paintings, I strive to preserve the beauty of the wild, undeveloped land which seems to be  rapidly disappearing."


"Certain weather conditions and their effect on the landscape create internal moods, which are a source of exploration for me as well.  I continually find myself drawn to fog and thunder storms. I like the mystery that fog conditions inspire and the power and sense of change in the air that thunder storms generate."

"Recently, I started working on themes involving roads, particularly in west Texas.  These rural roads capture feelings of wanderlust as well as portraying an internal searching. I believe when we examine what draws us to a particular painting, whether as the artist or viewer, we can often find clues to our own thoughts an desires." 

November 6-7 - Apple Tree Bazaar

Set-up will be Friday, 9-12. Open to the public 1-5 Friday and 9-4 Saturday. Those able to man the booth will be allowed to exhibit and perhaps sell their work. There is no booth charge for exhibitors, but a 10% commission will go the Art Guild. The primary purpose of this effort is to advertise the Guild and attract new members. If you want to participate, call Bill Franklin at 741-0960 or email him at

November 6-7 - Apple Tree Bazaar

We did very well at the Apple Tree Bazaar this year. Sales totaled $325.50, and we signed up three new members. The 10% commission on the sales covered most of the $50 booth fee, and we are always delighted to get new members and the new ideas they bring to us. Members Pat Blackman and Sue Young also had booths, as did all of our new members. Helping with the booth were Gloria and Filton Meadows, who sold lots of painted rocks, Myrl Luper, who recruited our new members, David Leifeste, Nancy Cagle, Bill and Judy Franklin, Ellen Foster, and Rose Jacobson. Many thanks to all.

November 12 - Exhibit at MCC

We will hang the Art Guild exhibit in the foyer of the Ball Performing Arts Center on Thursday, November 12, 2:30 to 3:30. Please help us make this a good exhibit. If you cannot bring your work during the specified time, please ask someone else to bring it for you. You may also bring entries to the meeting on November 1. The limit is 3 pieces of framed hangable art with hanging wires, at least 16" x 20" including frame. There is no theme. The exhibit will be removed about December 10, depending upon the holiday concert schedule. If you have questions, call Bill Franklin at 741-0960.

November 12 - December 9 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

Thanks to our new members and a few people who showed up near the end, we have a nice show. It was looking thin for a while. Hopefully, more of our regulars will be back next time. Photos of the entries are shown below in the order they hang, running from left to right. Of course, they look much better hanging than on the web. Since they look best in the evening, it's best to combine seeing them with attending one of the many events scheduled for performances there. All begin at 7:30, and all but the play are free. The quality is high, and the price can't be beat. You can check for details at, but briefly:

MCC Wind Symphony, Thur, Nov 19

MCC Chorale, Tues, Nov 24

Omnium Gatherum (play), Sat, Nov 21 and Sun, Dec2. (There are also Matinees both days at 2.)

Waco Jazz Band, Mon, Nov 30

Spotlight (show tunes), Thur, Dec 3

Waco Community Band, Tues, Dec 8

We will take the exhibit down Wed, Dec 9, between 2:30 and 3:30. Please pick up your art or arrange for someone to get it for you.


                  Jason Sorley                                               Gloria Meadows                      Bill Franklin


                                                                                  Christine Niekamp


                                                                                                         Nell Godby


                                                                                                Martha McKinney


                                                                Pat Blackwell


                                                                          Judy Franklin


                                                                                            David Leifeste                   Nancy Cagle



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