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Welcome to our Archives


June 13 - June Meeting - Yard Sale and Letzler Brainstorming

We will meet at Nancy Cagle's, 4017 Meadow Brook Road, from 1:30 to 4:30. June 13 is the second Sunday, our regular meeting time. We still have some of Frank Letzler's art materials, and anyone who has some surplus items is welcome to bring them to sell or trade. Please price them with tape tags. 10% of all transactions should be donated to the Letzler Fund, as well as all of the sales of his things and anything else people may want to donate to the cause, including a lot of art magazines and books.


Nancy will provide tea and sodas; others can bring nibbles as they please. There will be no formal sign-up for providing refreshments. Nancy will also provide some tables and chairs, but others are encouraged to bring their own, especially if you have a lot to sell or trade.


We won't advertise to the general public, but if you know interested people or organizations, please invite them to join us. Depending upon the weather, we may be in the back, rather than under the trees in front. Look for us.


We also want to elicit more Letzler Award entries from the elementary schools than we had this year. We will take this opportunity to brainstorm ideas to make it go over better. A couple floated at the last meeting were to move to May, after the testing frenzy is over, and to get the announcement out in August so that teachers can include it in their yearly planning. Other possibilities are limiting entries to a smaller area around Waco and making visits to the schools and/or posters for them. We can consider these and other ideas.

June 13 - Yard Sale & Business Meeting at Nancy Cagle's

We met on Nancy Cagle's shady driveway, where Nancy had set up tables for items to be bought or traded. The Letzler Scholarship Fund benefited from some sales. After a while, President Charleen Isbell called the meeting to order and welcomed Ingrid Erickson, one of our newest members. After the usual reports and announcements, there was discussion of several future possibilities, with the following outcomes:

     1. Nancy Cagle will check with Waco Charter School about finishing our mural, and holding meetings there.
     2. Awarding ribbons for Show and Tell will resume.
     3. The Art Guild will not meet in July or August. The next general meeting will be on September 12, but the location is uncertain.
     4. Several venues for displaying and selling paintings were suggested, without any consensus or commitment to explore them.
     5. Myrl Luper offered to take members in her RV to an RV park in Whitney where she has a membership.
     6. The Letzler scholarship committee was encouraged to meet soon to work out the details for next year's contest, so that schools can be notified in August and get it on their calendars.
     7. Bobbee Watts showed us her beautiful painting of aspens.
Then the meeting was adjourned, and Nancy and Charleen treated us to cold drinks, crackers and cheese dip, which we enjoyed as we visited in air-conditioned comfort inside.

Postponed: Completion of the Waco History Mural at WCS

We hope to complete the mural at the Waco Charter School eventually. If you want to help, call Nancy Cagle at 754-4416.

Current and Future Exhibits

The Art Guild of Central Texas has scheduled the following exhibits:

= November 19-20 Apple Tree Bazaar


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