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Welcome to our Archives


Dues Renewal Time

Save money and be sure to get in the directory by paying your 2011 dues before January 1. If you do, the dues are only:


With Gallery Page-------------$25

Student under 21--------------$5

Art Major-------------------------Free (email Linda Green at

Patron (includes gallery)-----$100

Add $5 if you have no email. After Jan 1, renewal dues are higher.

New members can join at any time. Their dues are prorated for the remainder of the calendar year ($1/mo Student, $2/mo Regular, $3/mo Gallery).

This School Year - Waco Charter School Art Lessons, Awards

The Art Guild executive board decided to limit the Letzler Art Awards to the Waco Charter School this year, since we were not very successful in involving many schools last year. We will vote on the winners at one of our meetings, then award ribbons and cash to the winners during the school day.


The Principal, Bonnie McRae, would very much like to have us provide some art lessons for the students after the regular school day. We had six volunteers at the September meeting. We need at least two more in order to be able to have four groups of two members, each of which would only need to provide one lesson a month - at this point, only about six times during the year. Please be a part of this artistic outreach. We will begin with lessons from 4:15 to 5 p.m. on either Wednesday or Thursday, at the convenience of the team members. Depending upon the response, we might want to adjust the time. The school can provide materials, but can't afford to hire an art teacher. We are an organization committed to promoting art; now is the time to do it.

December 4 - Annual Holiday Luncheon

The annual luncheon will be held at the Lake Brazos Steakhouse. Please arrive between 11:30 and 11:45 so that we can get our orders placed. We will have separate checks, but we want to get the orders placed at the same time so that we will get our meals delivered at the same time.


MCC Exhibit Ending Date Changed to January 11

MCC has asked that our exhibit stay up for a musical performance in early January, so we will remove it Tuesday, January 11, between 2:30 and 3:30. If you can't be there at that time, please ask someone else to pick up your art for you. Note that this is after the opening date for our Arboretum exhibit, so art may not be transferrred from MCC to the arboretum. If you need to remove your art sooner than January 11, call Bill Franklin at 741-0960 or email him at, so that he can arrange to replace your pieces with others. Please do not leave a blank spot on the wall.


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