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Welcome to our Archives


February 13 - Gloria Meadows - Painting Animals in Acrylic

Gloria Meadows has a special way with animals, and she's agreed to share her approach with us. Some examples of her animals paintings are shown here, including small paintings on tile and stones, which have been big sellers at our Apple Tree Bazaar booth. She will start with a brief introduction to painting with acrylic, then deal specifically with animal painting, which should be helpful to users of any medium.


We will meet at our usual time and place, Waco Charter School, 615 N 25th Street. Come at 1:30 for refreshments and conversation. The meeting and demo will begin at 2:00. Bring friends and also bring a piece of your art for the "show and tell" and for the voting of favorites. First time visitors attend free of charge.



February 13 - Gloria Meadows - Painting Animals in Acrylic

Gloria said she had been painting for many years. She had been drawing ever since she was a small child. She has taken lessons from Tommie McLaren and Don Magid. She showed us some of her early work. She plans her work carefully, making preliminary drawings, and using a grid to enlarge them. She transfers the drawing to the canvas using graphite paper. Her palette rests in a box with a wet sponge in the bottom with damp Sta-Wet Pro-Palette paper on top (lower left photo). She sprays water on her acrylic paints occasionally. She uses an acrylic glazing liquid which makes the paint more pliable. In answer to a question about her painted rocks, she said after washing the rock thoroughly, she uses white latex house paint as a base coat. Then she layers on craft acrylic paint. (lower right)


For her demonstration today, she had placed the gessoed canvass under water, used waterproof sandpaper to smooth it, and then put a tooth coat on to help the paint stick. She used a palette of raw sienna, burnt sienna, red, orange, and yellow. She had already painted the background color - a soft reddish tan, and the face of the golden retriever which was her subject. She applied layers of gold and brown to the body and legs of the dog with a flat bristle brush. She added shading and dimension with the darker color, and the texture of the dog's fur was developed with a smaller bristle brush and a fan brush. The lower right image is the still unfinished painting at the end of the demo. She promised to bring the finished painting to the next meeting.


Thanks to Gloria for an interesting demo and many helpful hints. Thanks also to the board members who brought refreshments and to those who brought works for Show and Tell, shown below. In the monthly voting, 1st, 2nd and 3rd went to Bill Franklin, Linda Green and Kathe Tipton.


Show and Tell:


Nancy Cagle         Bill Franklin       Judy Franklin       Charleen Isbell



Linda Green         Kathe Tipton       Bobbee Watts

February 10 - Art Lessons at the Waco Charter School

Judy and Bill Franklin gave a lesson to third graders on February 10. They arrived about 3:45 intending to start at 4:15, but were immediately given the requested materials (crayons and markers, and ten students. The students were asked to make a pencil sketch one of their shoes, and then flesh it out with crayons and/or markers. Then they were encouraged to morph the shoe into something else. Bill showed his made into a face (at right). The students made various things, including a house and a submarine. Several left before the lesson was over, and the lesson ended when only one was left, about 5:00. The students were receptive and well behaved, all had a pleasant experience.


February 16 & 23 - Pat Blackman and Nancy Cagle - Art Lessons at WCS

Pat and Nancy showed about 15 Waco Charter School 5th graders a variety of their art projects to see what struck them as interesting. They then had them do a paper collage. They came early and stayed late, spending nearly two hours. The students wanted more, so Pat and Nancy returned the following week and helped the students paint an acrylic landscape. Only 3 primary colors white and black were provided, so the students had to learn to mix these to obtain colors such as green and brown. The students were pleased with their work, and Pat and Nancy enjoyed the experience as well.


Get in on the fun! While you are welcome to extend your lesson, as some have, we really only anticipated providing about an hour, so you can come anytime after 3:30 and can stay until almost 5:30 (when they close), but any hour within that period is enough. Be sure to call Marla Hoffman at the school (754-8169) a few days in advance to tell her which grade you want to work with, when you are coming, and what materials you need (crayons, scissors, etc.). Bobbee Watts needs a helper next week for the pre-K class. Give her a call to volunteer. In future weeks, we still need to do something for the K, 1st and 2nd grades. To be part of this, call Bill Franklin at 741-0960 or email him at


February 22 - Removal of the exhibit at the Arboretum

Please pick up your art between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, February 22, or have someone do it for you.


Current and Future Exhibits

The Art Guild of Central Texas has scheduled the following exhibits:

= January 5 - February 22 Carleen Bright Arboretum, reception Jan 9

= March 3 - aprox. May 5 (depending upon their concert schedule) MCC

= Exhibit rules are found on our Bylaws & Rules Page.




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