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Welcome to Our Archives

March 3 - Exhibit Opens at MCC

Please Help make our exhibit a success. Bring up to three hangable works that have not previously been exhibited at MCC. Works must have a hanging wire and must be at least 16" x 20" including frame. Please bring them between 2:30 and 3:30 on Thursday, March 3, or get someone to bring them for you. The exhibit will be removed in early May.

March 3 - May 10 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

Only nine Artists entered paintings in the exhibit, but that was enough for a good show. Many thanks to those who brought entries. We hope to have more of you participating next time. Be sure to see the exhibit, in the evening if possible, as the lighting is better then. The photos below give some idea of the exhibit, but they were taken in the afternoon when glare on the glass and glazed surfaces is a problem. Besides, if you come to one of the performances, you will enjoy great entertainment as well as a look at the exhibit. Performance dates scheduled at this point are below. All are at 7:30 and all musical performances are free! The Drama productions are $12, $10 for seniors and students. Take advantage of this great opportunity. You'll be surprised at how well the MCC students perform, and the Waco Community Band is wonderful!


Mar 22 MCC Jazz concert

Mar 31 Orpheus in the Underworld

Apr 4 MCC Tartan Singers concert

Apr 12 MCC Country Band concert

Apr 14 To Kill a Mockingbird

Apr 18 MCC Chorale concert

Apr 19 MCC Rock Band concert

Apr 25 MCC Wind Symphony concert

Apr 26 MCC Guitar Ensemble concert

Apr 27 MCC Vocal Tech. concert

May 2 MCC Spotlight (Broadway) concert

May 3 Waco Community Band concert

May 9 Waco Jazz concert


                                                                                                     Charleen Isbell


                                                                                                  Bill Franklin


                                         David Leifeste


                                                                                   Christine Neikamp


                                                                  Ingrid Erickson


                                 Martha McKinney


                                                                                                       Judy Franklin


                                                                                                   Harley Johnson


                                                                            Nancy Cagle


March 13 - Pat Blackwell - Painting Bluebonnets on Objects

Pat Blackwell can paint anything on anything -- and does. She always has her own booth at Apple Tree Bazaar, and her art always sells well. She uses acrylic paints and lots of imagination. Come see her paint bluebonnets on whatever she finds to paint them on. Is there anything around her house that isn't already decorated? We will meet at our usual time and place, Waco Charter School, 615 N 25th Street. Come at 1:30 for refreshments and conversation. The meeting and demo will begin at 2:00. Bring friends and also bring a piece of your art for the "show and tell" and for the voting of favorites. First time visitors attend free of charge. If they decide to join, it's only $18 for the rest of 2011 ($27 if they want a gallery).

March 13 - Pat Blackwell - Acrylic Painting on Objects

Pat has painted on many three-dimensional objects, such as mailboxes, shovels, saws, and saw blades. For her demonstration she painted a Texas bluebonnet scene on a large milk can provided by Nancy Cagle. Pat had previously washed the can and applied a gray sandable primer, so her acrylic paint would stick to the metal. She placed the milk can on a turntable, turning as she worked from top to bottom. Her palette consisted of ultramarine blue, cad red light, cad yellow light, yellow ocher light, cerulean blue, titanium white, burnt umber, and alizarin crimson. She used a "49 cent" brush. She used a palette box with a damp sponge in the bottom, and sprayed water on her paints occasionally to keep them from drying out.

She mixed a very light blue for the sky at the top of the milk can and partially down the sides. She dipped the brush in the paint and stippled it on, creating texture and adding blue or white to vary the color. She kept working around the can as she rotated the turntable for complete coverage. When she had painted enough sky, she marked a line of mountains. She stippled in mountains and vegetation in the distance, varying the shapes and colors with yellow, white and alizarin crimson. She varied her lights and darks creating good values.


Using her stippling technique she painted a large tree on one side, shown at the left. After the break for refreshments and Show and Tell, she dipped her brush in medium blue, with one tip of her brush in white and another tip in ultramarine blue, and stippled bluebonnets on the milk can (upper right). She interspersed them with Indian paintbrush, using cad red light, and cad yellow (lower right). After completing her stippling work, she went back into the painting, defining certain areas with strokes.


On one side she added a barn and a road leading from it. The photo at the upper left shows her starting this by painting right over the previously laid in vegetation. At the top right she has completed the barn and added the road, which was later partially hidden by trees. Then she added a windmill, show at the lower left, using browns, yellow, and white. She then stippled in more vegetation and added some accent white to the clouds (lower right). After the paint dries she will spray five coats of clear sealer to preserve it. She worked fast and made it look easy! We thank Pat for a fine performance of well practiced skill and speed. It was a great lesson for those of us who fuss too much over details. We also thank Kathe Tipton, Gloria Meadows, Charleen Isbell, and Deanie Chastain for bringing refreshments; and all those who brought works for Show and Tell, some of which are shown below. In the voting for favorites, Tomas Godby, Karen Groman, and Deanie Chastain were 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Show and Tell


  Nancy Cagle               Julie Cash             Deanie Chastain          Judy Franklin



Thomas Godby          Karen Groman         Gloria Meadows            Violet Piper

March 16 & 23 - More Waco Charter School lessons - Bill & Judy Franklin

Judy and Bill did a lesson for about 20 2nd graders each day. Bill scrounged among the wood working scraps he foolishly keeps and found a number of small circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, as well some more complex shapes. These were scattered around on the tables, and the students immediately began making things with them. Judy got their attention and introduced Bill and herself and had the students introduce themselves.


Then Bill asked the students to find and hold up each of the basic shapes and also one that was some other shape. Then he demonstrated what the activity would be. Using colorful cardboard cut-out shapes, he placed them on a sheet of manila paper using sticky dots to form a rough approximation of a bird, moving the shapes around to improve the resemblance.  Using markers, he traced around the whole shape and used colors to make it come to life. Students were encouraged to play with the blocks, pushing them around until the assemblage resembled something - an object, a person or an animal - and then to trace around  them and color within the outline to create a picture of something.


The students enjoyed doing this, and were proud of their products, clamoring to have their photo taken with their work, some of which are shown here. This way of creating a picture helped them to see the shapes of things and forced them to make their drawings large, which isn't always easy for young children. Judy and Bill enjoyed the interaction, and were delighted to see how well many of the students visualized things. Students were allowed to take their pictures home, but were encouraged to bring some back for the exhibit and awards in May. Join the fun. To participate, email Bill at If you don't get a response in a day or two, he may be out of town, so call Pat Blackwell at 756-3854. 



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