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May 15 - Frankye Oliver - Watercolor Portrait

Our presenter will be Frankye Oliver, a wonderful Waco watercolorist we weally wanted. (I couldn't wesist that wascally word warp ala Elmer Fudd.) She will share some things she picked up in a Ted Nuttall workshop she attended recently in San Antonio. But then, she was already wonderful. Two of her paintings shown here are now hanging in the Arboretum in the Central Texas Watercolor Society exhibit. Maybe you can drop by and see them, as well as other fine paintings. The one at the right won the People's Choice Award! Click on it and you can see better just how good it is.


We will meet at our usual time and place, Waco Charter School, 615 N 25th Street, with refreshments and conversation at 1:30, and the demonstration  shortly after the meeting begins at 2:00. Bring a work to share with us Show and Tell, and bring friends. First time visitors are free.

May 15 - Frankye Oliver - Watercolor Portrait of a Young Girl

Frankye is an accomplished watercolorist and a member of the Central Texas Watercolor Society. She attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, and had a career in fashion drawing. She has won many awards in local and regional exhibits, and will have a solo exhibit at the Arboretum in July. She shared several quotes from artists that inspired her. Among them was this one from Ted Nuttall: "There is no better place to be than in the middle of a painting."

Frankye began her demo with a drawing of a young girl drinking from a teacup already drawn on a quarter sheet of 300 lb hot press watercolor paper. She had transferred the image from a photo by rubbing some pencil graphite on the back of the photo and tracing over the major lines. She then completed the drawing, referring to the photo, and lightened it with a kneaded eraser. (Darkened here to show up better.)


She painted with a Rafael 8404 Kalinsky sable brush (which she had found online at a bargain price of $200!), as well as a smaller sable brush. Her palette consisted of the following paints: Cad orange by American Journey (Cheap Joe's); Cad red light and mineral violet by Holbein; and cad yellow, alizerin crimson, scarlet lake, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, Hooker's green, sap green, raw sienna, burnt sienna, raw umber, burnt umber, and yellow ochre by Windsor Newton. For her working palette she used a smooth plastic tray with a lip. She mixed a skin color from cad red, raw sienna and a little cad yellow. She started by applying the lightest flesh tones to the dry paper with a dilute mixture of the skin color.


She added shading while the paint dried using a darker hue of the same flesh tones. For the hair, she used cad yellow and raw sienna in a very wet wash, putting down the lightest color first, then darkening the shaded areas with the same color and some raw sienna. She then went back to the flesh tones, adding darker tones to define areas, but keeping soft light tones throughout the painting since the subject was a young child. She emphasized thinking about the form of the face as a sculptor would, paying attention to which features come forward, and which recede. She created soft edges for shadows on the form of the subject, and harder edges for cast shadows. She worked on the blue eyes of the subject, emphasizing them through shading and judicious use of color.

Frankye continued to develop the shading while we took a break for Show and Tell, further defining the hair, eyes, and facial features. For the teacup, she used very light shades of ultramarine and cobalt blue to suggest the roundness and smoothness of the cup. For the background she used the same mixture of blues, applied somewhat diagonally across the page in an irregular pattern, with the darkest hue providing a contrast to lighten the yellow hair. She used cad orange to gray the blue background so it would blend better with the painting as a whole. After it dried, she painted green stripes on the dress as a contrast to the blues and yellows used earlier. Frankye will finish the painting at home and share the final version with us to use here.


Many thanks to Frankye for a great demo. Thanks also to Gloria Meadows, Karen Groman, Charleen Isbell, Linda Green, Judy Franklin, and Deanie Chastain for bringing refreshments, and to all those who brought works for Show and Tell, some of which are shown below. Also, Gloria Meadows showed us photographs of her new homey chicken coop.


Show and Tell:



Nancy Cagle     Deanie Chastain     Judy Franklin       Karen Groman   Christine Niekamp

This School Year - Waco Charter School Art Lessons, Awards

The Art Guild executive board decided to limit the Letzler Art Awards to the Waco Charter School this year, since we were not very successful in involving many schools last year. We will vote on the winners at one of our meetings, then award ribbons and cash to the winners during the school day.


The Principal, Bonnie McRae, has asked us provide some art lessons for the students after the regular school day. Eight members have volunteered so far, but we could use more. We are forming groups of two members, each of which would only need to provide one lesson a month - although we won't limit you to that. Please be a part of this artistic outreach. The lessons will be about an hour long sometime between 3:45 and 5:15 p.m. on either Wednesday or Thursday, at the convenience of the team members. The school can provide materials (given time to do so), but can't afford to hire an art teacher.


So far, Gloria Meadows and Charleen Isbell have done a painting project with third graders. They met with the children three times in January to complete the project, shown at the right. In February, Judy and Bill Franklin did a lesson with fourth graders, and Nancy Cagle and Pat Blackwell provided two lessons for the 5th graders. Bill and Judy have done two lessons for 2nd graders in March. A few others have volunteered and will be contributing soon. Please add to our efforts. We are an organization committed to promoting art; now is the time to do it.

May 31- Letzler Awards presented to Waco Charter School Students

The Executive Board decided last summer to give Frank Letzler Art Awards to students of the Waco Charter School, which has been gracious enough to open the school for us on Sundays for our regular monthly meetings for the last several years. We also conducted art lessons after school during the spring semester. Charleen Isbell, Gloria Meadows, Nancy Cagle, Karen Groman, and Bill and Judy Franklin presented lessons to grades 2 through 5. Some of the school's teachers also engaged their students in art, especially in the first grade.

Student art was displayed in the halls in May, and judged by Charleen Isbell, Gloria Meadows, Linda Green, and Bill and Judy Franklin on May 25. Charleen and Gloria presented certificates and cash awards to excited students on May 31 at a school assembly. Cash awards were $20 for 1st, $10 for 2nd and $5 for 3rd in grades 3-5, and $10 for 1st, $5 for 2nd and $3 for 3rd in grades 1-2. The winners are listed below, and the 1st and 2nd place art is shown.

1st grade:
First: Keila Donato (left)
Second: Noe Campos (middle)
Third: Ashley Morones-Elias (right)
HM: Omar Moreno



2nd grade:
First: Adazhayce Johnson (left)
Second: Andica Flores (middle)
Third: Ariyanna Jaimes (right)
HM: Hekaya Harris




3rd grade:
First: Alma Martinez (left)
Second: Maira Peck (middle)
Third: Jesus Perez (right)
HM: Lana Rodriguez




4th grade:
First: Angel Gayton (left)
Second: Uzziel Loredo (middle)
Third: Carlos Perez (right)
HM: Yessica Gonzales


5th grade:
First: Maribel Maldonaldo (left)
Second: Demi Augolo (middle)
Third: Esmerelda Castelan (right)
HM: Esme Marilla






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