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January 13 - Bill Franklin - Light and Shadows

Bill has always been interested in light, shadows and color, as well as how we perceive them. In 1999, he wrote a book for the American Association of Physics Teachers about color and color vision, and he has used his knowledge of the physics and physiology of light in his paintings. This month, he will illustrate, using his paintings and those of others, how to portray light sources and shadows so that the viewer will find the image believable. The situations will range from direct sunlight and strong shadows, to diffuse sources such as window light or overcast skies. We will meet at the usual time and place: the Waco Charter School, 615 N 25th Street; 1:30 for refreshments, set-up, and conversation, 2:00 meeting, with the demo soon afterward. Bring a friend; the first visit is free.


Remember that it is time to pay your 2013 dues: $15 for basic membership, $25 for gallery membership. Add $5 if you have no email address. Pay before January 1 to be sure of getting in the directory and to get the above discounted prices.

After the first of the year, dues are $24 Basic, $36 Gallery, and $12 Student, plus $5 for all of these if you have no email.


Pay at the meeting or send a check made out to AGCT to our P.O. Box 23994, Waco, TX  76702.

January 13 - Bill Franklin - Light and Shadow

Bill Franklin presented a demonstration and slide show on Light and Shadow. He reminded us that all 2-D art is an illusion intended to convince the viewers that they are seeing a 3-D scene. Bill made the point that artists must create the illusion of light in their work. This must be done well for the work to succeed. Therefore some basic understanding of how light, shadows, and reflections work in paintings is necessary. He said it wasn't really complicated; we just need to observe shading and shadows carefully so that we make the illusion convincing in our art.

For the demonstration, he set up a light fixture globe on a rectangular box. The room lights were turned off and a light source with a narrow beam was shined at the globe and box. Participants were given a sheet of paper on which were sketched two drawings of the globe on the pedestal and two blank squares. He asked participants to draw on one sketch the shading they observed on the objects with a black cloth behind them to reduce any reflected light from behind, Then he put a white surface behind them to reflect some light on the back side. Participants were asked to draw the shading on the objects again. They were then asked to draw in one of the blank squares the shadow cast by the objects. He then moved the light source closer to the object, which made the shadow more diffuse. Then he placed a translucent diffuser in the light beam near the object to illuminate the objects with a broader light source. The participants were asked to sketch the much more diffuse shadow in the remaining blank square.

Bill then showed slides of works by Art Guild artists and others to illustrate the three-dimensional effects produced by the accurate portrayal of the light in the following situations:


    1. Direct sun high overhead                         2. Medium angle of the sun


    3. Low sun angle                                             4. Low light dawn and dusk


    5. Back lighting, creating a silhouette             6. Objects in shadow


    7. Overcast or fog                                          8. Night scenes


    9. Water reflections                                      10. Inside light coming from a window


    11. Inside light coming from a smaller light source, including one within the painting

The following artists were represented in the slide show: Dorothy Johnston, Frank Gutierrez, Loveta Strickland, Gloria Meadows, Christine Niekamp, Bill Franklin, Sue Young, Harley Johnson, Julie Cash, Martha McKinney, Judy Franklin, Don Magid, Thomas Moran, Larry Garza, Frederick Remington, Charleen Isbell, Ellen Foster, Violet Piper, Nancy Cagle, Eastman Johnson, William McClosky, Linda Green, and Jason Sorely.

Our thanks to Bill for the demo, to Pat Blackwell, Judy Franklin, Charleen Isbell, and Gloria Meadows for refreshments, and to Gloria Meadows, Charleen Isbell and Nancy Cagle for bringing art for Show and Tell.


January 20 - February 3 - First Presbyterian Church of Waco

There will be an exhibit of art "celebrating God's love" at the First Presbyterian Church, 1100 Austin Ave, January 20 - February 3. To enter, bring your art to the church office (back door) during office hours: 9-11 Sunday January 13, or 9-4 Monday - Thursday, January 14-17. The exhibit will be mounted Friday, January 18, and will be on display anytime the church is open until February 3, when there will be an artists' reception 11:30 - noon in the Austin Street parlor. Art may be retrieved after the reception or during office hours February 4-7.


There will be no entry fee, nor will prizes be awarded. Sales will be between the artist and the buyer, not through the church. No commission will be required, although donations would not be unwelcome. Any medium will be accepted, including fabrics and photographs, but due to limited space, entries are limited to one per person, and should not exceed 4 feet in any dimension.

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