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February 10 - Roy Weaks - oils - New Location!

We will be meeting at the Central Presbyterian Church, 9191 Woodway Drive, this month. That is the westbound (actually Southwest) feeder street for Hwy 84. Take the intersection Estates Drive/ Hewitt Drive Exit. The church is just beyond Walgreens and the BBVA bank. The time will be the usual 1:30 for refreshments and conversation, with the meeting beginning at 2:00.

Roy Weeks is a successful Cameron artist, who will show us how he paints and some of his paintings. Roy works in oils and paints many different subjects - people, animals, landscapes, seascapes, fantasy - some of which are shown here. And, like our own Pat Blackwell, he will paint on anything that sits still long enough. Should be fun. Come, bring your art for Show and Tell, and bring friends. Also, Roy is donating a framed painting for a door prize. What a deal!

Remember that it is (past) time to pay your 2013 dues, which are now $100 Sponsor, $24 Basic, $36 Gallery, and $12 Student, plus $5 for all of these (except Sponsor) if you have no email. Pay at the meeting or send a check made out to AGCT to our P.O. Box 23994, Waco, TX  76702.

February 10 - Roy Weaks - oil painting

Roy Weaks, demonstrated his techniques for oil painting for us. He said he was color blind for the color green. His wife helps him choose paint colors that he has trouble seeing accurately. He said he will paint on anything and often uses found objects, such as discarded satellite dishes, an oil funnel, plastic florist containers, a tin bucket on a candle holder, a saw blade, and cabinet doors. Some of his work is show at left and right. He sands and primes the surface, paints with oils, and varnishes when finished. He brought several of these items that he had transformed into works of art. He also brought many paintings illustrating the subjects and bright colors that he is fond of. He said he particularly likes to paint animals, people, details such as hair and eyelashes, and reflections. He showed us a detailed pencil drawing on canvas which will become a future painting. He is a published author of children's books which he illustrates, and often speaks to students about drawing cartoons. For more about Roy visit his web site

For his demonstration he showed his techniques for painting clouds and trees as he began a landscape painting on a blank canvas. Using a styrofoam plate as a palette, he started with white and blue paint. He scrubbed on blue paint with a small “dirty” bristle brush, with the lighter paint at the bottom of the sky area and darker blue higher up. After scrubbing in the blue of the sky, he lightly brushed over the area with a wide soft flat brush. For clouds he put pure white paint on his small brush and, deftly created fluffy clouds in the blue sky, placing them to enhance the overall composition of his painting, and adding highlights. As before, he lightly brushed the finished clouds with the soft wide brush.

To add a tree to his landscape, Roy used black to lightly draw lines giving the general position of the tree. He then scrubbed in large shapes for the foliage, and added details by patting them in with a small brush. He added highlights, using yellow ocher, cad yellow, and white. He showed that the light was coming from the left by painting the right side of the foliage darker. To make an old building, he created the shape of the building by scraping burnt umber with a palette knife, using leftover paint of several colors for a rustic look. With a small brush he added earthy colors to the original wet paint to add details of the siding boards. He will add highlights to the roof a few days later when the paint has become somewhat tacky to the touch. For the bushes in the foreground he alternated lights and darks, bringing out the shadowed and highlighted areas. He began a walkway from the house before he completed his demonstration.

Roy donated the framed landscape paintings at the right for a door prize, and Judy Franklin won it. We thank Roy for sharing his secrets, some which will surely be emulated by our members, and for donating a painting. We also thank those who brought refreshments and those who brought works for show and tell, including new member Elisabeth Montgomery. Examples are shown below.

Show and Tell:


 Nancy Cagle                      Bill Franklin                   Judy Franklin


Karen Groman          Elisabeth Montgomery       Christine Niekamp

Current and Future Exhibits

The Art Guild of Central Texas has scheduled the following exhibits:

= November 19 - January 7 at MCC.

= July 2013 Carleen Bright Arboretum.

= Exhibit rules are found on our Bylaws & Rules Page.


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