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Welcome to Our Archives

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April 14 - Terry Roler - Creative Thinking with the LEFT Brain

Terry Roller received BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Tennessee. After teaching graphic design for six years at Eastern Illinois University, he came to Baylor where he has taught for thirty years. In addition to teaching, he is a freelance designer and an accomplished vocalist.

Prof. Roller will be presenting a workshop on ways to activate the left brain to achieve creative ideas, normally thought to be the domain of the right brain, in order to get the two hemispheres to work together. No, this not a rehashing of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, but is a presentation of techniques to generate ways to find creative solutions to all sorts of issues, from developing a new product, to writing comedy, lyrics, or prose, to science and medicine, to finding new ways to create art and artistic content, and much much more. After a brief introductory talk on creativity and creative thinking, Mr. Roller will lead the group through some fun, but mentally challenging activities, to create creative synthesis. These techniques are useful for solving all kinds of problems through innovation. To quote author Tom Monahan, “Surprise is the acid test of creativity.” Participants are asked to bring an open mind, a pen and several sheets of paper. Prof. Roller will provide a bibliography of books on creativity for those who would like to read further. A few of Prof. Roller's works are shown here.

We will meet at the usual time, 1:30 for refreshments and conversation, 2 for the meeting and demo, but the location will be decided on March 10. As usual, bring art for Show and Tell, and bring friends.

April 14 - Terry Roller - Using BOTH Sides of the Brain

Terry Roller, a native of Virginia, earned BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Tennessee, taught graphic design at Eastern Illinois University for 8 years, then came to Baylor, where he has been teaching graphic design for 30 years. He is also a freelance designer and an accomplished vocalist. He began his presentation discussing different ways of thinking and learning, and also by showing examples of his designs.

Then he asked the attendees to make a list of as many words related to Christmas as they could think of in 5 minutes and then to draw or describe a Christmas ornament from their word lists. A couple of the lists and drawings are shown here. Cathy Niekamp's is on the left, and Pat Blackwell's is on the right. The thumbnails are too small to see well, but any thumbnail photo on our website can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Next, he distributed a Word Association Pyramid diagram, and explained how to apply it to the lists we had made previously. The diagram is shown on the right. Again, it is too small to see. If you want to read it, you will have to click on it.

Then he asked us to draw the "silliest" Christmas ornament we could think of using the words we had come up with on his diagram. A couple of those are shown here. Nancy Cagle's is on the left, and Gilda Landcaster's is on the right. We thank Terry for a an interesting and thought provoking presentation. Thanks also to those who brought refreshments, and to Linda Green, who took photos and notes for this report.

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