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Welcome to Our Archives

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There was no website announcement of the May meeting because it was scheduled after the website maintainer had gone on vacation.


May 19 - Nancy Cagle - Tools You May Need After All

Nancy Cagle gave a very interesting and informative program entitled, "Tools you may Need After All". She showed us a number of painting aids, and explained how can be used. They included her paint apron (top right), water color tacks used to stretch paper on a frame, graph paper used to enlarge a drawing, a 4” x 14” quitter's ruler, a 3 foot T-square (top left), a 12" ruler which had cork on the back, a three-sided architect's ruler, a tooth brush to make snow or other speckles on a painting, a proportional wheel scale to help enlarge a picture (middle left), templates of various sorts (circles at lower right), a combination brush and water holder (lower left), and more. Many items were displayed and given to us to examine. Tuesday Morning, located behind the Cotton Patch Restaurant is a good place to find some art and craft items. Thanks Nancy for the good ideas. Thanks also to those who brought refreshments and to those who brought paintings for Show and Tell.

 Some the Show and Tell paintings are shown below. From them, “Washday” by Gloria Meadows was chosen for use on the postcard announcing the opening reception for our exhibit at the Arboretum this summer.


            Frank Guiterrez                         Gloria Meadows       Elisabeth Montgomery


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