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July 29 - September 4 - Art Guild Exhibit at the Arboretum

The exhibit is a great success. It contains 37 works by 11 artists. Some of the artists are long time members, but some are quite new, and very welcome newcomers. Photos of the art appear below in sequence from left to right around the room, but you should see them in person to really appreciate them. The Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway is open 8-5 weekdays, and sometimes on Saturday and Sunday, but most weekends there are functions that block access to the general public. The public reception was Sunday, August 4. A few photos taken there appear at the right and left. Many thanks to Linda Green, who took all of the photos for this report. And of course, many thanks to all of those who submitted art for the exhibit.

Christine Niekamp (3) and Bill Franklin (1)

Christine Niekamp, Frank Gutierrez

Gloria Meadows (2)

Elisabeth Montgomery, Bill Franklin

Elisabeth Montgomery (2)

Linda Green (2), Mary Behrens (1)

Nancy Cagle (2)

Nancy Cagle, Charleen Isbell

Charleen Isbell (2)

Charleen Isbell (2)

Judy Franklin (2), Charleen Isbell

Pat Blackwell, Christine Niekamp

Pat Blackwell (2)

Gloria Meadows, Mary Behrens

Bill Franklin, Gloria Meadows, Mary Behrens

Mary Behrens (2)


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