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Welcome to Our Archives

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October 13 Don Magid Teaching Creativity Through Art

Our own Don Magid will create a portrait to illustrate how creativity happens. He intends to uncover how we discover anything, by discovering the lines and colors that make the image on canvas match that which we perceive in our minds. This process, which is so evident in art, can be generalized to apply almost anywhere. By doing art we absorb the process, improving our creativity in all areas of our lives. Come stretch your mind. We will meet at the Central Presbyterian Church, 9191 Woodway Drive. Come at 1:30 for refreshments and conversation. After a brief business meeting at 2:00, which will include the nominating committee's report, Don will present his demonstration. Bring some art for Show and Tell, and bring friends. The program is very much intended for the general public as well for artists.

October 13 Don Magid Teaching Creativity Through Art

Don began his program with a short description of the benefits of art in seeing and adapting to our rapidly changing world. He distributed a pamphlet which summarized his philosophy, and he emphasized the following ideas:

  1. Art media teaches people to slow down and really see the world around us.

  2. There is creative potential everywhere, and we aren't always taking good advantage of the possibilities before us.

  3. Art should be promoted by artists who work together to give it a better place in society.

  4. Art has global applications for all fields in that it helps us to communicate and gives meaning and visualization to all of us.

  5. Painting and drawing will last and give permanence in a fast changing atmosphere.

  6. Drawing and painting have a real place in society because they help people realize they are capable of great creativity.

  7. Art as play disconnects the artist from the past and fosters exploration of new possibilities.

Don began work on a canvas which had a soft lavender tone-ground of acrylic in order to get rid of the white of the canvas. He had made a charcoal drawing on the tone-ground of a girl with her head resting on her hands (upper right). He mixed flesh tones by using more or less of his primary colors of red, blue, yellow, and white. To these he added an odorless medium to dilute the colors and make the paint flow easily. He applied darker tones first, then lighter tones, and finally highlights. He built up the flesh and hair colors by glazing with thin layers, giving the face a luminous quality. The highlights were applied using thicker paint and white blended in for the eyes and hair. This proceeds to upper left, lower right, and finally lower left by the end of the demo. While unfinished at the end of the demo, the progression and refinement was evident. This is what Don means by playing. A good deal more playing will be needed before he will declare it finished.

We thank Don for an interesting discussion and demo. Thanks also to those who brought refreshments and those who brought art for Show and Tell, examples of which are shown below.

Show and Tell:


 Mary Behrens            Nancy Cagle                Julie Cash               Charleen Isbell


Gloria Meadows    Christine Niekamp           Violet Piper                Kit Travis

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