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Welcome to Our Archives

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November 1-2 Apple Tree Bazaar

If you would like to display and/or sell your art at Apple Tree and can spend some time helping at the booth, let Bill Franklin know ASAP so that we can arrange a schedule that keep the booth manned by two people at all times. Email or call 741-0960. Setup is 9 am - noon on Friday, November 1. If you are bringing art, please do so between 10 and 11:30 after the booth has been erected, but with some time left to hang or arrange the art.
The public sale occurs 1 - 5 pm on Friday and 9 - 4 on Saturday. This is chance to show and perhaps sell your art, and also a chance to interest others in joining the Art Guild.

November 1-2 - Apple Tree Bazaar

We didn't sell much, but there were a few interested people, so we can hope for a new member or two. Thanks to Nancy Cagle, who worked from 10 to 5 Friday and again much of Saturday. She also has stored the booth materials in her garage and helped load and unload them. Also helping were Karen Groman, who worked 1 - 5 Friday, Myrl Luper, who worked 2-4 Saturday, and Judy and Bill Franklin who set up and took down the booth as well as helping some on Saturday. Other members having their own booths were Pat Blackman and Sue Young. Photos of all three booths are below.


          AGCT booth             Pat Blackwell's booth           Sue Young's booth

November 10 - Christine Niekamp - Floral Painting in Oil

Our own Christine Niekamp will demonstrate painting with oil using a pot of geraniums as her subject. Members are already familiar with - and impressed by - her art, since she regularly brings her paintings to meetings for Show and Tell and also enters them in exhibits. For those who are new, or not (yet) members, a few examples are show here.

We will meet at the Central Presbyterian Church, 9191 Woodway Drive. Come at 1:30 for refreshments and conversation. The meeting will begin at 2, and will include the election of officers for 2014. The demo will follow shortly. Bring your art for Show and Tell, and bring friends. The first visit is free, and a membership for 2014 is only $15 ($25 including a web gallery) if paid before the end of the year.

November 10 - Christine Niekamp - floral in oils

Christine Niekamp was a commercial artist with Olan Mills for many years prior to her retirement. She has painted many portraits of family members and others, and also many scenes of the Texas countryside. For her demo, Christine worked on an oil painting on canvas of two planters of geraniums on a porch. She had already painted the first layer in her base colors (top right) and she planned to paint the second layer today. She used oil paints, turpenoid to clean her brushes and linseed oil to thin her paint to the desired consistency. Using a size 10 flat brush and several colors of green, she began by deepening the background colors, adding texture, and putting in shadows. She then used a dry brush to blend and smooth the wet paint (top left). She added lighter colors to the flowers, using cadmium red medium, and cadmium orange and mixing them on the canvas. She was saving the tight, detailed work for the final layer, which she would paint at home when this layer dried (middle right). She again used a dry brush to blend and smooth out the colors on the flowers (bottom left). She began working on the planters, blending raw umber with titanium white to create shadows and highlights to mold the curved shapes of the pots . She used black sparingly for negative spaces between the leaves and flowers, and sap green to highlight some of the leaves. She added white to the underpainting of the porch floor and the post in the background. As a final step she turned the painting upside down to paint the cast shadows under the planters. The lower right image is the painting at the end of the demo. We all looked forward to seeing the completed painting at a future meeting.

We thank Christine for a good look at how to add layers in developing a painting. We also thank those who brought refreshments and those who brought works for show and tell, which are shown below.

Nancy Cagle        Linda Green        John Perdichi         Violet Piper

November 18 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

Please bring up to three hangable art works for our exhibit at the Ball Performing Arts Theater at MCC on Monday, November 18, between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. They must not have been exhibited at MCC before, must be at least 16" x 20", and must have a hanging wire. There is no restriction on subject or medium.

November 18 - January 6 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

The exhibit is worth seeing, although it represents the work of only seven of our artists, a total of 18 pieces. Some are quite large, and all are interesting. Come see it at night when it shows best, and you can also see a performance. The schedule of performances follows. All are at 7:30 and FEE, except as noted! Photos of the exhibit are bow the performance schedule, but they are better seen in person.

Nov 20-23 The Beaux' Stratagem (drama) $10, $8 for seniors & students

Nov 25 Corale & Wind Ensemble Concert

Dec 2 Tartan Singers Concerts

Dec 3 Vocal Techniques Concert

Dec 4 Spotlight Concert (Broadway music)

Dec 9 Waco Jazz Orchestra Concert

Dec 10 Waco Community Band Concert

Judy Franklin

Nancy Cagle

Sue Young

Christine Niekamp

Harley Johnson

Linda Green

Bill Frankln

November 30 - Hunting Art Prize deadline

The Hunting Art Prize is $50,000. Only residents of Texas may enter. There is no entry fee. While there is some chance of selling your entry, there is only one prize. The winner is announced at a quite lavish gala in Houston in May, to which dealers and art collectors are invited to meet the artists and consider what they might want to buy. To enter, you must submit a photograph by email by the end of November at If selected, you will need to ship or carry your art work to Houston around April 1.



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