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March 27-April 15 - Baylor Student Art Exhibit

      The food at the opening reception was scrumptious. Sorry if you missed it. However, the art

         was also very nice, and that's on view until April 15. If you can get by that way, it's very much



April 13 (new date) - Karen Groman - Jewelry

Beads, baubles and jewelry! A little bit of history, some show and tell, and  u-make-it-u-take-it for a bracelet or bauble. Hands-on everyone! Example at the right. If you have some beads you would like to make into a bracelet or to share – bring ‘em. We’ll have fun crafting some jewelry for yourself or to give away. We will meet at the Central Presbyterian Church, 9191 Woodway Drive on Sunday, March 9. Be there at 1:30 for refreshments and conversation. The meeting and demo will begin at 2. Bring some art for Show and Tell, and bring a friend to enjoy the demo with you. Visitors are welcome, and first time visits are free.

April 13 - Karen Groman - Jewelry Making

Karen Groman, who is an experience art teacher, started her demo with a slide show of the history of jewelry. She had tables set up with books on jewelry making and small bowls of beads of various sizes and colors. We were each given a small tote which contained a piece of felt material and a piece of memory wire. We all selected different beads for our own personal bracelet. The photos on the left and right show some members at work. The photos on the right show the resulting array of bracelets reflecting our personal tastes.

We thank Karen for a well organized and interesting presentation, and especially for the chance to actually create a piece of jewelry. Thanks also to Frank Gutierrez, Violet Piper, Gloria Meadows and Christine Niekamp for refreshments, to Gloria Meadows for her minutes, to Karen Groman for taking photos, and to those who brought art for Show and Tell, examples of which are shown below. Not shown is a sweater brought by Violet Piper. Gloria Meadows brought the sketches by Don Magid.

Gloria Meadows            Don Magid           Christine Niekamp        Karen Groman


The Art Guild of Central Texas has scheduled the following exhibits:

= March 17-May 12: MCC, Ball Performing Arts Foyer

= Exhibit rules are found on our Bylaws & Rules Page.

Other Exhibits:

  April 12 Art on Elm Street, 10 am - 3 pm, install 1 pm April 11, application deadline April 1,

           apply online at

  April 11-12 Marble Falls Plein Air Competition, info at

  April 26 Arts and Wine on the Square (Belton). entry deadline April 23, booths $25 or $40

                info at

  April 27 Bastrop Fine Arts 2D Competition, deadline April 27, info at


  May 10-June 7 Irving Arts Center Regional Art Exhibit, entry deadline March 1, $40 fee

                Submit online

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