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June 23 - July 28 - Arboretum Exhibit and Reception

Members may enter up to three works in our exhibit at the Arboretum. They must not have been exhibited there before, and they must have a hanging wire. There are no size or subject limitations. Please bring your entries to the Arboretum between 11 am and noon on Monday, June 23, or have someone bring them for you. The exhibit will hung that afternoon. There will be a reception on Sunday, June 29, from 1:30 to 3 pm. Refreshments will be provided by the Arboretum. Feel free to invite friends.


The exhibit will be dismounted on July 28. Please pick up your art between 11 am and noon, or get someone to do so for you. There are no other events planned for the summer. The next regular meeting will be on September 14.


June 29 - Exhibit and Reception at the Carlen Bright Arboretum

The exhibit had many fine entries and the reception was well attended. A couple of photos of the attendees are shown here. The entries are shown below in the order they appeared beginning at the door and continuing around the room to the right. Thanks to all who contributed art for the exhibit, and to Linda Green who took the photos.

Karen Groman ( 1 & 3), John Dunn (2 & 4)

Sandra Scott (1&2), Gloria Meadows (3&4)

Christine Niekamp (1&2), Frank Gutierrez (3), Pat Blackwell (4), Nancy Cagle (5)

John Dunn

Sue Young (1-3)

Kay Lamb Shannon (1), Mary Behrens (2)

Mary Behrens (1), Kay Lamb Shannon (2) Linda Green (3&4)

Sandra Scott (1), Kay Lamb Shannon (2&3)

Kay Lamb Shannon (1), Pat Blackwell (2&3), Nancy Cagle (4)

Nancy Cagle (1), Karen Groman (2)

Mary Behrens (1), Christine Niekamp (2)


The Art Guild of Central Texas has scheduled the following exhibits:

= June 28-July 27 Carleen Bight Arboretum, reception June 29

= Exhibit rules are found on our Bylaws & Rules Page.

Other Exhibits:


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