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October 12 - Bill Franklin - Use (or not) of Perspective

Art Guild member Bill Franklin will demonstrate the use of perspective in laying out a painting. Included will be both the use of vanishing points and the use of such effects as size, value, contrast, and sharpness. A layout illustrating these points will be demonstrated, and examples will be shown of the use of these techniques in paintings, or the lack thereof. In some cases, artists choose to ignore some of these techniques in order to achieve certain effects. This may give you a new perspective on painting.

We will meet at the Central Presbyterian Church, 9191 Woodway Drive on Sunday, October 12. Be there at 1:30 for refreshments and conversation. The meeting and demo will begin at 2. Bring some art for Show and Tell, and bring a friend to enjoy the demo with you. Visitors are welcome, and first time visits are free. Nominations for 2015 Officers should be made at this meeting.

October 12 - Bill Franklin - Perspective Effects, or Not

Member Bill Franklin showed many examples of paintings exhibiting perspective effects - or the lack thereof. He began with vanishing points (upper right photo), then elicited comments from the audience to bring out other techniques used to make two-dimensional paintings appear three-dimensional. These included the overlapping of distant objects by closer ones, haze in the far distance, and greater size, sharpness, detail, contrast, and color saturation in the foreground. He then showed examples of art using these techniques (upper and lower left). He also showed examples of artists who deliberately misused some of these techniques to achieve eye-catching effects. In the case of Picasso, he showed the progressive abandonment of proper perspective during his career. After the break, he demonstrated the use of vanishing points to establish an accurate sketch for the “bones” of a painting (lower right). The sketch is faint; you need to click on the photo to enlarge it and see anything at all.

Thanks to Bill for his presentation, to the several members who brought refreshments, and to those who brought art for Show and Tell, some of which are shown below.

Show and Tell


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November 30 - Deadline for the Hunting Art Prize Entries

Entry is by email. A good photo of your art (one entry per person, between 1 and 2 MB) is required. Details are at There is no entry fee, and if your art sells, there is no commission. There is only one prize - $50,000. If accepted, your art must be delivered to Houston around April 1 and picked up after the Gala about May 1. The Gala is by invitation only to collectors, dealers and the artists in the show. It is fabulous.

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