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November 9 - Judy Franklin - Watercolor Techniques You Can Use

Member Judy Franklin will demonstrate watercolor techniques, live on paper, and also as used in her past paintings and those of others. Most of these, such as composition, contrast, color combination, and three-dimensionality, are applicable to any art medium. We will meet on Sunday, November 9, at 1:30 pm at the Central Presbyterian Church, 9191 Woodway Drive, for refreshments and conversation. The meeting, including the election of 2015 officers, will begin at 2 pm, followed by the demonstration. Please bring your art for show and tell. Also bring friends, who may attend free.

November 9 - Judy Franklin - Exploring Possibilities in Watercolor

After the election of 2015 officers (Pres: Judy Franklin, Vice Pres: Mary Behrens, Secretary: Nancy Cagle, Treasurer: Pat Blackwell), Judy Franklin showed us a number of her paintings to illustrate various themes and techniques. The techniques included the techniques of pouring and backlighting. She also showed painting with vivid action (right), and peaceful landscapes; moods of happiness, innocence (left), and solemnity; portraits both tight and loose; various textures and keys; and colors both bright and subdued, harmonizing and contrasting.

After a break for Show and Tell, she demonstrated how she painted, using three partially completed paintings. The first was an Austrian boy in traditional clothing, which already had a random background wash and a pale multicolored shadow area (top right). To this she began laying in stronger colors for specific areas. The second was a portrait of an old man on which she had used masking fluid to reserve white areas of strong sunlighting before washing in a background. To this she began darkening the shadow areas (left). The third was a landscape of a bridge and buildings blocked in to establishing the shapes and colors. She added details, such as windows, to this (bottom right).

We thank Judy for an interesting tour of her work, with lessons for all of us, regardless of the media we use. We also thank those who brought refreshments and those who brought works for Show and Tell, some of which are shown below.

Show and Tell:


Jean Behringer        Pat Blackwell            Bill Franklin


Karen Groman      Christine Niekamp       John Perdichi


November 17 to January 12 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

Members may enter up to three hangable works to the Ball Performing Arts Center at MCC on Monday, November 17, between 2:30 and 3:30 pm. They must not have been displayed there before. We prefer works at least 16" x 20" to inhibit theft. However, there has never been a theft, so we will accept smaller works if you are willing to take the possibly greater risk of loss. There are no limits on media or subject matter. The exhibit will end January 12. Please help us make this a good show by participating.

November 17-January 12 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

Only three members showed up for this exhibit. They contributed seven paintings and three photographs. This is a busy time of the year, but  can't continue to have exhibits unless more members contribute to them. Please do better next time. Even though the number is sparse, the quality is good. Come by to see them some evening, when they show best, and take in a performance while you are at it. Some choices are listed below. All are at 7:30 and FREE. Below that are photos of the art. They can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Nov 24 - Guitar Ensemble Concert

Dec 1 - Vocal Techniques Concert

Dec 2 - Country Ensemble Concert

Dec 5 - Chorale Concert

Dec 8 - Waco Jazz Orchestra Concert

Dec 9 - Waco Community Band Concert

Jan 8 - McLennan Steinway Series Piano Concert


Bill Franklin

Christine Niekamp

Judy Franklin

November 21-22 - Apple Tree Bazaar

The Art Guild both was once again next to Pat Blackwell's awesome array. We had a number of members who brought works and helped man the booth. They included Gloria Meadows, Linda Green, Nancy Cagle, Karen Groman and Jean Behringer. The big seller was once again Gloria Meadows' painted rocks, but there a few other sales as well. A major purpose of this event for us is to let people know we exist. We always hope that it will draw new members, and perhaps it will. The photo at the right is our booth, and that on the left is Pat Blackwell's. Click on one to enlarge it.

November 30 - Deadline for the Hunting Art Prize Entries

Entry is by email. A good photo of your art (one entry per person, between 1 and 2 MB) is required. Details are at There is no entry fee, and if your art sells, there is no commission. There is only one prize - $50,000. If accepted, your art must be delivered to Houston around April 1 and picked up after the Gala about May 1. The Gala is by invitation only to collectors, dealers and the artists in the show. It is fabulous.

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