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Upcoming Events


Recent past events are reported on the Recent Events page. Earlier activities may be found on our Archives pages.

Links to other sites may be found on the Related Links Page.

Local Galleries are listed on The Local Galleries Page.


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Future Art Guild events are listed here. Details for those in bold type will appear below the list in chronological order along with other events.

April & May - Art Guild Spring Exhibit at MCC

May 16 - Art Guild meeting  Demo TBA

September 12 - Art Guild meeting  Demo TBA

October 10 - Art Guild meeting  Demo TBA

November 4 - Art Guild meeting  Demo TBA

December 11 - Luncheon

 Due - Art Guild Dues

After Dec 31, the cost is $24 for regular membership, and $36 for a gallery membership. Partial year membership is $2 or $3 per month, respectively. A sponsorship is $100, paid anytime, and includes gallery level membership. Send a check made out to AGCT to P.O. Box 23994, Waco, TX  76702.

April-May - Art Guild Spring Exhibit Online

The exhibit will be available on our website,, as a button on the left side of the page. It has many fine works by 13 artists. We had hoped to hang it at MCC, but that became logistically impossible. Although the in-person exh1bit would have been preferable, it can still be enjoyed online.

April 22-28 Baylor Student & Faculty Art Exhibit at Martin Museum

This is Part II of the exhibit. Part I is still available online at, along with several earlier exhibits. Part I was six graphic artists (mostly product and stationery design). Part two is the more traditional types of art, painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc. There are usually many very nice works.

April 24 - Uptown Art Walk at Kieran-Sustruck Gallery & MC Art

There will be other nearby locations along the 2020 & 2021 blocks of Washington Avenue, with a variety of artists. To be one of those, contact Susan Sistruck at, or on her Facebook page. The hours are 11-3, and there will be live music at the K-S gallery.

May 8-9 - Wacotown Chalk & Walk

The two day event will feature chalk murals created by local artists representing local businesses within McLennan County, and a two day market. This will take over three bocks of Austin Ave, and include food trucks. If you want to be one of the artists, go to #wacotown. There is a $75 stipend for materials and several cash prizes. Rules can be found at

Also Online: Rocky Kelley's "The Lady of Shalott" with videos of it's making

Rocky is a long-time Waco artist, mostly doing intriguing fantasy. He did a demo for the Art Guild some time ago. There are three videos of him working on "The Lady of Shalott" at

Coming Soon: A Sale of Martha McKinney's Paintings

Those of us who knew Martha McKinney were saddened to hear of her passing this summer. She was an accomplished and prolific painter, who left dozens of unsold paintings, many being her favorites that were never offered for sale. Her family was overwhelmed by this legacy. They donated one to the Waco Art Center, and each of them chose a favorite or two for themselves. That still left 35. When her house sold, and needed to be emptied, they donated those remaining to the Art Guild. We plan to sell them as a fund raiser, either at local events like Art Fest Waco or on line. Those that were priced had prices between a few hundred to over $1000, but we will offer them at a substantial discount. This is a chance to obtain a quality painting at very reasonable cost. We hope you will take advantage of it. Details will be given here when finalized. A few examples are shown below. Remember that clicking on any of these thumbnails will enlarge it.




Current and Future Exhibits

The Art Guild of Central Texas has scheduled the following exhibits:

= MCC - November - January

= Arboretum Exhibit - February - March

= Exhibit rules are found on our Bylaws & Rules Page.

Other Exhibits:

  For more information on competitions visit

Work Shops

Please see our "Classes" for more information and other workshops.