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Upcoming Events


Recent past events are reported on the Recent Events page. Earlier activities may be found on our Archives pages.

Links to other sites may be found on the Related Links Page.


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November 16 - 17 Appletree Bazaar

We have our same booth near the entrance. Setup is Friday 8-11:30. Public shopping is 12-5 Friday, and Saturday 9-4. We will dismantle the booth 4-5 Saturday.

November 20 through January 8 - Art Guild Exhibit at MCC

We will hang the exhibit on Tuesday, November 20. Please bring art between 2:30 and 3:30. If you can't bring it yourself, please ask someone else to bring it for you. Please pick up your art on January 8 between 2:30 and 3:30, or ask someone else to pick it up for you.

December 8, Saturday Tentative date - Meeting/Christmas Luncheon


December 31 - deadline for 2019 discounted dues

Dues for 2019, if paid by December 31 are:

Basic membership $15 ($24 later)

Gallery membership $25 ($36 later)

Student membership $5 ($12 later)

Patron membership is $100 at any time, and includes a gallery.

January 20 - Regular Meeting and Arboretum exhibit postcard selection


Current and Future Exhibits

The Art Guild of Central Texas has scheduled the following exhibits:

= MCC - November 20-Jan 8

= Exhibit rules are found on our Bylaws & Rules Page.

Other Exhibits:

  For more information on competitions visit


Locations to Paint as a Group



Waco Art Center

The Waco Art Center is located on the McLennan Community College campus.  See their site for more details.  Art Center Waco

Work Shops

Please see our "Classes" for more information and other workshops.

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