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Art Guild of Central Texas

PO Box 23994

Waco, TX  76702

Membership Dues


Please join us at the Art Guild of Central Texas.  For those who wish to aid and support the arts, please join us at the Patron Level!  For more information contact any of our board members:

Category                          annual calendar year dues       dues for the remainder of the current year

Students (21 or younger)                 $12                                 $1/month for the rest of the year

Regular members                               $24                                $2/month for the rest of the year

Web Gallery Members                       $36                               $3/month for the rest of the year

Patron members                                $100                                  $100

Timely payment discount: If paid before January 1, dues are $5 for student, $15 for regular, and $25 for Web Gallery. Patron membership is $100, regardless of when it is paid.

Board of Trustees


Sandy Scott



Nancy Cagle

Vice President &

Program Chair


Kit Travis



Cathy Niekamp

Recording Secretary


Karen Groman

Yearbook Chair


Charleen Isbell and

Gloria Meadows

Hospitality Co-Chairs


Bill Franklin,


 / 254-722-9928 / 254-754-4416
 425-306-7158 / 254-848-5213 254-666-5030 /254-732-5927

flg2mead@ / 254-741-0960




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