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Thank you for visiting my gallery. I started drawing at the age of 5 years old and oil painting at 8 years old. I took art in high school, and then met Don Magid when I was in my 20's. He gave me some very high quality art lessons that I knew I would use for a very long time. I have entered several art shows, fairs and galleries, mainly in central Texas. I have have done numerous commision works in oil paint and charcoal. If you are interested in purchasing any of my artwork, I can be reached at 254-218-2593 or

Dancing Raccoon

Oil on Canvass, 11"x14", NFS

Mission Conception at San Antonio, Texas

oil on canvass, 16"x20", $1500

Barn at Olgesby, Texas

oil on canvass, 11"x14", $300


oil on canvass, 16"x20", $500

Corpus Christi Sunrise

oil on canvass, 16"x20", $500


oil on canvass, 16"x20", $500

Brame Part at Bellmead, Texas

oil on canvass, 16"x20", $800

American Indian

oil on canvass, 16"x20", $600

Texas Red Poppies

oil on canvass, 12"x24", $350

The Strand at Galveston, Texas

oil on canvass, 16"x20", $500


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