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Thank you for visiting my gallery. I am a Hewitt, Texas resident.  My favorite subjects are landscape, still life, and flowers. I have been painting and drawing since childhood but gave both up until a few years ago when I returned with enthusiasm to improve my rusty skills.  For real life viewing, you can see several of my paintings at the Sparrow Waco at 1518 Austin Avenue in Waco (Uptown).   For paintings not at Sparrow, you may contact me at my cell 214-766-9180.

All thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on them.



       Pears & Apples        Seen Better Days   Deer in Clearing Fog          Calla Lilies

       oil 20x16 $300            oil 11x15 $150           oil 8x10 $100                oil 12x12 $125


    Coreopis at McKinney     Aspen Grove    Mesa Near Ghost Ranch  Apple & Pear Fiesta

Falls SP, oil 24x18 $200     oil 16x20 $275           oil 12x9$150              oil 20x20 $250


Cows Admiring Downey         Water Lilies              Lone Cactus            Storm Moving In

Paintbrush Along Hwy 84     oil 12x24 $175           oil 12x24 $150          oil 20x20 $250

         oil 24x12 $300


  The Commodore Mine

          oil 8x10 $125


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