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Thank you for visiting my gallery. If you are interested in purchasing my artwork, I can be reached at 214-766-9180.

All thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on them.



       Pears & Apples        Seen Better Days   Deer in Clearing Fog          Calla Lilies

       oil 20x16 $300            oil 11x15 $150           oil 8x10 $100                oil 12x12 $125


    Coreopis at McKinney     Aspen Grove    Mesa Near Ghost Ranch  Apple & Pear Fiesta

Falls SP, oil 24x18 $200     oil 16x20 $275           oil 12x9$150              oil 20x20 $250


Cows Admiring Downey         Water Lilies              Lone Cactus            Storm Moving In

Paintbrush Along Hwy 84     oil 12x24 $175           oil 12x24 $150          oil 20x20 $250

         oil 24x12 $300


  The Commodore Mine

          oil 8x10 $125


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