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Thank you for visiting my gallery. If you are interested in purchasing any of my artwork, I can be reached at All thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on them.


   Entrance             Pheasant in Snow         Roadrunner             Purple Irises      Morning Glories Triptych

                                                                       16x20 NFS                                               three 4x6 $85


Multicolor Roses       Mountain Goats       Magnolia Blooms              Jay                   Beach Triptych



  Italian Wine           Hanging Grapes             Grapes                   White Roses                    Elk


China with Roses           Cactus                    Bluebirds                    Blue Iris                      Beach


      Wolf                          Grapes                      Voltaires                   Rooster            Magnolia Blooms

                                                                         8x10 NFS             11x14 $120      


         Lily                         Lillies                        Irises                    Goldfinches           Fence & flowers

5x7 NFS                   12x24 $200             12x24 $200           8x10 on glass NFS         20x36 NFS


Double Poppy       Daisy & Butterfly          Crazy Chicks              Blue Jay                Amazing Grace

8x10 glass $65          5x7 $25                    12x12 NFS               12x12 NFS                 16x20 NFS


Morning Glories           Mail Box

   8x10 NFS              16x20 NFS


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