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Minutes January 8, 2012


New President Gloria Meadows called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm.
December Minutes were passed for reading.
Treasurer's Report: $2092.12 (checking account), $906.69 (Letzler account) and $3,873.51 (CD)

Linda Green and Nancy Cagle passed the yearbook dummy for corrections as Karen Groman was not present.
Visitors were Teresa Dickenson and Karen Harper, and Mary Behrens who also joined today.

You will find the list of new Officers and Committee Chairs in your yearbook.

Kathy Tipton gave us her idea of what Don Magid means by "PLAY" in art--"Think outside the box" is the gist of his writing and talks on it.

Gloria Meadows didn't really introduce Don Magid. He was already talking about "Play" when he stood up. He moved to his painting set-up and Bill Franklin turned on the video camera. (Don uses the videos to correct his teaching speeches and make sure he gets his plans right) Don's picture was the remaining entrance arch from the old Sanger Ave. elementary school. He had a highly detailed ink/ charcoal drawing to work from. The painting he'd sketched in was the gate, on a light splashy multicolor ground on canvas. The drawing indicates a very deep perspective viewed thru the arch. As he continued painting and talking, he clearly was working in the abstract and picking colors that suited his fancy. Like many speakers with no mic, Don didn't keep his voice loud enough for a lot of us.

At the break Show and Tell, Julie Cash(?) Larry Garza (water buffalo), Christine Niecamp (cat), John Perdichi whose assemblage of "tool junk" is a fine example of an artist at play (Christine, who is John's sister, said the assemblage was a "man yelling at his pregnant wife"!) Linda Green )embroidered bird), Nancy Cagle (batwinged horses from Harry Potter ), and Judy Franklin (berries).

Don's second session was a demo of overpainting on a well-drawn colored-in portrait of a cute little blond girl about 4 or 5. Don is one of those artists who use only red, yellow, blue, black and white. His results are always good, especially on portraits. He used one simple 1/2" brush for all his work on these two paintings.

The meeting adjourned after a few announcements and cleanup about 4:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Cagle, Secretary



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