Art Guild of Central Texas               


Minutes April 15, 2012


The April meeting was held at the MCC Wilbur Ball Performing Arts Center where we have a show for April
President Gloria Meadows began with a "what to do with" a set of 4 paintings donated to the Guild by a late member. Mildred Green and Nancy Cagle suggested we offer them on our website , so Bill Franklin took photos to post.

Gloria Meadows and Charleen Isbell volunteered to go to Waco Charter School and meet Mr. Caplinger, Interim Principal. They were to give him a $300 check for the school to use for art supplies for the students. They also discussed with Mr. Caplinger an art contest for the students with prizes from the Letzler Fund Awards would be only about $5-$10 per winner. This will be finalized when the new principal gets all the details after her arrival later in April.

Treasurer Charleen Isbell reported we have $1756.05 in the checking account, Report passed.

Nancy Cagle didn't have the right minutes so we dispensed with them. She did introduce Todd Camplin, a new art teacher who is teaching art at Harmony Science Academy. He is looking for judges for his own art contest on April 16.

David Smith, our guest started a free-wheeling discussion on "Pros" vs "amateurs" in Art. All members present had something to say about it. The subject was not resolved!
David then started critiquing our show. He asked each of us about our work as to why, what, medium, etc,. His comments should have been recorded as they so interesting.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Cagle,Secretary.


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