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Minutes April 15, 2012

Art Guild of Central Texas May 20, 2012

President Gloria Meadows opened the meeting at 2:05. She reported that the new Charter School Principal is Mrs. Gray. Gloria and Charleen Isbell met with her regarding Art Awards and other things we are interested in doing with the children. Gloria passed out a flyer giving the details of how the Frank Letzler Awards were given to the students.

Gloria also announced that Frank Gutierrez has the nerve to climb the ladder and paint the windows on the ALICO tower in our unfinished mural. Two previous attempts simply didn't "look right" Frank and Nancy Cagle will still have to hunt for the 4 gallon cans of paint, which she is convinced are in the school's storerooms some place.

Linda Green offered 3 adorable kittens to one or more good homes. We learned later she took them to Fuzzy Friends along with a small donation. The photos will make great paintings!

Karen Groman told about the new Art Forum at 18th and Morrow, which has studio and meeting spaces. Myrl Luper, Gloria Meadows, and Charleen Isbell and Violet Piper all made remarks about going there. No decision was made past having Karen find out when they are open . Nancy suggested we try to all go and check it out.

Myrl Luper then introduced Kent Garrett, now retired from Waco ISD and teaching at Reicher Catholic HS. While he talked, he had a slide show which is his resume, running on the projector. He is particularly good in advertising design.

Kent had us draw the "vase or faces" design as a preliminary study. After our break, he showed us what his students did to photos they'd taken, using PhotoShop to "mess them up," and their paintings using them. Their attitudes towards art, each other, themselves, and life in general showed up in the finished product. He took photos of Frank Gutierrez and Myrl Luper right then and demonstrated in PhotoShop how to do things to photos that are "artsy". Kent says the kids really love playing with photos AFTER they learn to draw--which has to come first! Karen, Don Magid, and Nancy, also being art teachers, added to his comments and kept him going on more art teacher goodies.

During our break we enjoyed each others "Show 'n' Tell " but did not vote on them.

Meeting adjourned about 4:30. We had a good time. Too bad we didn't have a much larger crowd.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Cagle,


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