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Thank you for visiting my gallery. If you are interested in purchasing any of my artwork, I can be reached at Prices do not include shipping




Yellow Rose of Texas     Bobcat             Sunrise on the Ranch   Turkeys in Spring

      SOLD                        SOLD                         SOLD                         SOLD


The Bluebird              Best Friends           Wolves in Snow            Swampland

      SOLD                         SOLD                        14x18                          SOLD


   Stage Home         Little Lost Lamb        New Hope School         Papa's bible

       SOLD                         SOLD                        SOLD                         16x20


   Sad Puppy                     Kitten                     Best Friends      Old Hubbard Club House

      SOLD                         SOLD                         SOLD                           16x20


  Lone Wolf                Vase of Roses            Purple Irises             Chinese Junk

     SOLD                         24x36                          11x18                         11x14


Homeward Bound      Cowboy Kid        New Hope School   Palette Knife Flower Study

        SOLD                        9x12                          SOLD                         SOLD


    Old Tank                Flower Bouquet

      SOLD                         9x12


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