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  Online Exhibit-2021 February-March

The works below will be on exhibit until the next exhibit is mounted in March. That will likely be an online exhibit as well.

The work receiving the most votes from our members has earned our People 's Choice Award. The critiquer, Kevin Malone, has picked his top five for Merit Awards. The winning paintings are labeled below. (Some of Kevin's works are on display at Cultivate 7twelve through February 12, if you would like to see them.)



Patrick Pollei  "Early Morning Walk"  30x20 oil NFS



Judi Simon "Saturday Evening Bath Time" 14x11 oil $550  People's Choice Award



Jean Thomas "All in a Day's Work"  8x10 oil SOLD

254 709 4574



Chesley Smith "Protector" 18x24 collage $400



Bill Franklin "Banjo Ben"  10x14 watercolor $500



Jackie Holmes "Storm Moving In"  20x20 oil  $250 214-766-9180

Merit Award



Kay Reinke "Poppies" 20x20 oil $800 830-708-1436



Jo Forbus "Nosey Bear" 8x10 oil NFS


Jean Thomas "Same But Different" 16x20 oil $100 254-709-4574



Judi Simon "Afternoon Tea with Earl Grey" 12x9 oil $975  Merit Award


Christine Niekamp "House and Carriage"

not  eligible for awards



Jackie Holmes "Water Lilies"  12x4 oil  $175 214-766-9180.


Sue Moore "Trees in the Swamp" 16x20 watercolor NFS


Kay Reinke "Sunflowers in Sunlight"  14x11 oil $500 830-708-1436 Merit Award



Chesley Smith "I Have a Dream"  acrylic  $950 Merit Award



Sandra Scott "Creeping Charlie" 16x20 oil $150


Bill Franklin "Glad Girls" 14x20 Watercolor $500



Tim Lowe "One Yellow Rose"


Cathy Niekamp "Doc" 9x12 pencil SOLD



Patrick Pollei "French Flower Market" 22x28 oil NFS Merit Award



Jo Forbus "Texas Deer" 8x10 oil NFS



Christine Niekamp "Cat and Vase"

not eligible for awards



Cathy Niekamp "Grandy" 9x12 pencil SOLD


Sue Moore "Homeward Bound" 24x38 oil NFS




= Exhibit rules are found on our Bylaws & Rules Page.



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