Art Guild of Central Texas               

Volunteers Needed!

Indefinitely - Talitha Koum murals, 1311 Clay Ave

The Talitha Koum's Nurture Center opened in 2003, and has continuously structured it's program around the latest data on both brain development, and how it is affected by early trauma, to give traumatized children a strong foundation on which to self-regulate and learn. There are a series of murals around the pool area. Many are mostly blocked in, but there are still details to be painted. A couple of walls are still blank. Volunteers would be very welcome. Contact Susan Crowley at 254-498-9577 to volunteer, or for a tour. One of the murals is shown below.

Indefinitely - HeArt of the Homeless, a Waco Art Center exhibit

The exhibit will be at the Salvation Army Kitchen courtyard, at 300 Webster, Monday and Tuesday at lunch time, or any day at dinner time (5-7). A few examples of the guests' art are shown below. Artists willing to teach classes Monday at lunch time or Wednesday at dinner time would be very welcome. (Pour acrylics would be  great medium.) For information, call Diana Barrett, 254-379-2430, or visit